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This is certainly what Moviepilot Creators post for fun on a random day. Danica & Adonis have posted their Four Childhood Crushes so I am going to do the same! Although it's just four, this list took me a while because I am not obsessed with anyone and the feelings I have towards these celebrities are more like admiration but well, I will just post this for laughs. (Don't know if you will find them funny but I am sure those who know me personally might because this is so embarrassing!!)

Have a feeling that I might regret this someday in the future but here are my Four Childhood Crushes!

#1 Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

"Success at anything always come down to focus and effort - and we control both." - @therock
"Success at anything always come down to focus and effort - and we control both." - @therock

This might be unexpected but I remember watching WWF (it's WWE now) a lot when I was a baby or toddler! I don't know why but I am not exaggerating; I remember watching Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson on TV through my cradle, lol!

I guess you can call him my childhood crush since I have genuine admiration towards him until today! Even though I used to randomly isolate myself from people and deactivate my social network accounts (I won't do this again), I will always follow his accounts because everything about him is very inspiring. ♡

#2 Nicholas Tse

Photo credit to @jennifertsetingting, Nicholas Tse's sister.
Photo credit to @jennifertsetingting, Nicholas Tse's sister.

Nicholas Tse is a Hong Kong actor, musician and entrepreneur. I feel this is weird but if I don't mention him, some of you who have known me for years will say this list is fake as I have cited him as my favorite actor before!

Although I watch and listen to a lot of Hong Kong productions as a child, I know nearly nothing about him except his name. I was not into any news channel and I can't read Chinese at all when I was a child but I was just unusually attracted to him. Today? I think I know why I adore him now. You might ask, "So, what's with him?". I will only reply, "Go find out about him yourself!"

#3 Vegeta

This is even weirder but Danica has mentioned that there was a tweet saying, "If you don't have at least one cartoon/animation then you're lying". I guess that is quite true since most children in the world are fed with cartoons and animations as a child when it comes to screen. My favorite childhood anime is Dragon Ball series and for unknown reasons, I like Vegeta more than Goku!

#4 Hello Kitty

Yes. Hello Kitty.
Yes. Hello Kitty.

I asked my mother just before I write this post because I am missing one more childhood crush. I don't know who else I am into when I was a child. I don't even mind if it's a girl or woman. But I did not expect her to say "Hello Kitty" because I thought I only started to like Hello Kitty recently.

So I asked my mother again, "What about guys? Any actors?!" To my surprise, my mother don't know about me adoring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Nicholas Tse even though it's not a huge secret and she replied, "There is none! You watch a lot of cartoon as a child!".

That's true but... I watch a lot of American and Hong Kong live action productions too. Can't believe this but I'll just leave this here!


Who are your four childhood crushes?! Do share with us!!


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