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All fans of the Kingdom Hearts series are both equally excited to see how Sora's journey advances and what worlds we'll get to see in Kingdom Hearts 3. Square Enix may be the ones that are creating this work, though they are in constant communication with Disney in order to ensure that their works are respected and appropriately presented.

We're all dying to know what worlds we'll be shown on Kingdom Hearts 3's release date for the Xbox One and PS4, but what about these so-called "forgotten" Disney films. I use inverted commas, because both Buzzfeed and Whatculture prominently featured these movies under the titles of forgotten Disney films. To my mind a lot of them were actually movies I adored as a child and still recall, so I thought I'd check whether fans had forgotten these and whether they'd be interested to see them in KH3!

Some Beautiful DDD fan art
Some Beautiful DDD fan art

Kingdom Hearts 3 & The Forgotten Disney Movies

Let's start with a film that really used to terrify me as a child, its villain is skilfully voiced by the glorious John Hurt, and is generally received quite poorly in the old critical circuit. Of course, I'm speaking of The Black Cauldron.

The Black Cauldron

This dark cinematic experience originates from The Chronicles of Prydain, which in turn drew from Welsh mythology. Directed by the same duo that gave us The Fox and the Hound, we follow Taran, a young pig keeper, on a journey to overcome the horrifying Horned King. The film was actually disowned by Disney for many years, actually snubbing it from receiving a video release for quite a while. Though I still feel that it could have some salvageable characters, particularly the Horned King. I mean, check the guy out!!

The Great Mouse Detective

Yet another film that I found to be captivating as a youngster, but then it has been a while since I've seen these. Based off of the great Sherlock Holmes novels, we follow Basel the great mouse detective as he takes on the enormous Ratigan (not a rat). Yet again, another intriguing villain that could feature in Kingdom Hearts 3. It also has a whole host of side characters that could be great to interact with, from Olivia and Dr. Dawson to the one-legged bat, Fidget. I mean come on, Vincent Price is in it!! Amazing stuff.

Oliver and Company

Not exactly a commercial or critical success, Oliver and Company celebrated a buzzing music scene in one of the greatest cities on earth, New York City. It featured the voices of Dom DeLuise, Bette Midler, Cheech Marin and even Billy Joel as Artful Dodger! The story is of course based off of Oliver Twist and, from what I recall, featured some pretty great music! Yet again, I'd have no issues seeing this film make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts 3. Also, I never understood why no one ever took an adorable kitten home for free though...

The Rescuers Down Under

The sequel to the Rescuers saw us fly all the way down to Australia to watch Bernard and Bianca brave the wild deserts to save a young boy and his majestic eagle. Strangely enough, I used to watch this film a lot more than the original film...just me? The cast featured Eva Gabor, Bob Newhart, John Candy and even the glorious Academy Award Winner George C. Scott. Maybe Kingdom Hearts 3 could feature us flying on the back of Marahute! Let us know what you thought of this film as a kid.

Well, there we have it! These were four films on those particular forgotten Disney movie lists that I felt would make a great addition to the Kingdom Hearts series. The release date for this title is going to be a long time coming, so we'll have plenty of time to speculate on what kind of worlds Square Enix are creating for us. Be sure to let us know in the comments what you think of these films and if you'd like to see them in Kingdom Hearts 3!


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