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If you thought Alfred Hitchcock's horror movie classic The Birds was scary, then prepare to be terrified - these expertly photoshopped winged beasts are freakishly disturbing!

Talented artist Sarah DeRemer takes fairly inconspicuous looking creatures and turns them into devilish nightmares.

In this project, entitled 'big mouth birds' (click here for the full collection), Sarah takes a few innocent birds and combines them with festering large mouths and crooked yellow teeth.

In Hitchcock's movie, a couple meet in a San Francisco pet store and the woman gives the man a gift of two love birds. But one day the birds start attacking children and shortly afterwards there's a huge assault on the town by attacking birds.

Now imagine that, but with Sarah's birds!

Scroll down to see a few of my favorites.

This one would actually look quite unassuming, cute even, without it's gaping mouth and rotten teeth.

Nice tongue!

Watch the moment the birds start to attack in Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds below.


This one is just plain weird.

Look at those gnashers!

This one definitely has a maniacal laugh.

This is exactly where all of these bird should be... behind bars!

Just imagine this thing swooping down at you! Sarah DeRemer is so talented.

Thanks, Sarah!

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