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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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Not content with being adopted into the televisual DCU as Firestorm in The CW's The Flash, Robbie Amell has expressed his desires to play the legendary Red Ranger in 2016's Power Ranger's reboot movie!

I mentioned the news in an earlier article postulating how I hope the reboot movie turns out, and am pretty happy with Amell's statement - which has mysteriously disappeared from his twitter but remains forever within the vault that is the internet...

Go Go Fan Casting!
Go Go Fan Casting!

Though as I've said before, at 26 he could be a little bit too old to portray a high schooler, but, as pointed out by commenters on my last article, Amell has played high schoolers in The Tomorrow People and in the incoming feature The Duff.

The Tomorrow People
The Tomorrow People

It's never been such a big deal for older actors to play teenagers and young adults, so I'm all for it! Let's get Robbie Amell in as the Red Ranger! He does share a passing resemblance to Austin St. John who was, arguably, the best Red Ranger in PR history, so that's always a plus!

What do you lot reckon?

Or is that a pretty obvious question?

(Source: Movieweb)


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