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If there's anything The Vampire Diaries is good at, it's weaving a rich tapestry of villains, but how well do you remember the more minor baddies who we've hated along the way?

Click through the quiz below to find out whether you are an expert in evil or a mere novice in the dark arts!


1. Which season did this sharp dressed douchebag pop up in?

ANSWER: Season one. This straight up jerkass is Logan Fell, Jenna's terrible boyfriend.


2. Evil had a beautiful face in this season, but which one was it?

ANSWER: Season Five. Maria was the member of the Travelers who took Jeremy's breath away, and not in the good way!


3. Which season featured this sullen looking youth?

ANSWER: Season Two. Stevie was a werewolf with terrible fashion sense who killed Alaric.


4.Which season did this classic beard of evil show up in?

ANSWER: Season 1. Remember Frederick the tomb vampire? Yep, that's him!


5.Which season did this dastardly pair spring up in?

ANSWER: Season One. These guys are Cherie and Frank. Isobel's minions.


6. This evil hybrid appeared in two episodes, but which season was it?

ANSWER: Season Four. This is Klaus' right hand man Tony who attempted to kill Jeremy Gilbert... And then got his head chopped off by him!


7. Which season did this handsome devil call home?

ANSWER: Season Five. Who could forget when Julian killed Damon?!


8. Which season were we all hating on this dude in?

ANSWER: Season Five. This is none other than the despicable Dr. Whitmore of the Augustine society.


So, be honest, how well did you do?

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