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When I first heard about Peter Jackson's plan to adapt The Hobbit, I took it as bitter-sweet news. Sweet because, well, it's more Lord of the Rings - nuff' said. But bitter, because I knew almost none of my favorite characters from the first three movies would be re-appearing.

But, little did I know, I may have been wrong! Eagle eyed fan KILI thinks he might have spotted the one and only Samwise 'po-ta-toes' Gamgee in Peter Jackson's epic prequel trilogy. Although, It's not like we've ever seen Sam before - he's a baby!

Is this Sam?

KILI explains:

The first time I watched The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition, I mistook a hobbit in the marketplace scene for Sean Astin. Upon pausing the film, however, I realized it wasn’t Sean at all but rather an actor who strongly resembled him… holding a baby. I’m certain the filmmakers also noticed this resemblance, which begs the question: is this Gaffer Gamgee and Samwise?!

You can watch the very same scene below. Take a look and see if you think it could be him! Pay attention around the 32-second mark.

It certainly does look remarkably like Sean Astin. Did Peter Jackson find a doppelgänger especially for this awesome little easter egg?!

Does the timeline match up?

Hobbits live a lot longer than men remember (up to 130-years), and An Unexpected Journey takes place about 60 years before Frodo begins his famous adventure, at about which time he's celebrating his own 50th birthday.

Granted, Sam is meant to be younger than Frodo in the books, but this wouldn't be the first time Jackson has taken a little creative license with the franchise.

Samwise (who looks older than Frodo in FOTR) could be around 60 years old when he joins his friend on the adventure, which could justify this (possible) baby cameo.

I think it's a neat idea and makes for some nice symmetry for the series. In the first film we see Sam as a baby, and in the last we see him with his own children, thereby completing the circle of life!

Isn't that sweet. What do you guys think?


Do you think this is baby Sam?


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