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Jerome Maida

It is starting to become clear that "Agent Carter" is not going to be a breakout TV hit.

Halfway through it's 8-episode run, the series starring Hayley Atwell as the titular character matched last week's 1.3 rating/4 share in the all-important 18-49 demographic. This placed it third in it's Tuesday, 9PM time slot in the demo, beaten out not only by CBS's "NCIS: New Orleans" juggernaut, which tabbed a 2.2 rating/7 share in the demo, but FOX's "New Girl", which attained a 1.4 rating/4 share in the demo.

This is even more disappointing, when you consider that last week, "Agent Carter" had the excuse of a "Shark Tank" repeat as it's lead-in. This past Tuesday, it had no such excuse, as a new "Shark Tank", with a 1.9 rating, 6 share in the 18-49 demo.

Even worse, "Shark Tank" had 7.11 million viewers overall, while "Agent Carter" had 4.25 million. Which means 3 million people clicked their remotes off or changed the channel instead of sticking around to watch 'agent Carter".

Again, while the show is not a disaster for ABC and parent company Disney, it sure isn't a smashing success either.

This is a shame, when you consider Atwell is a fine lead in every sense of the word; it has a great look, is well-acted, well-executed and has gotten a lot of promotion from ABC and that marvel Studios seems to have gone out of their way to have the series tie-in to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What really bothers me, besides people blowing off a quality show, is that the failure for people to "show up" for a show they can watch for free, could give the more conservative souls at Marvel Studios and Disney pause the next time the idea of bringing a female character to the big screen as a lead is brought up.

Granted, the marketing machine for a film is different than for a TV show.

But, think about it, if "Agent Carter" was actually getting, 10 million viewers or more what message would that send? If Peggy Carter seriously threatened "NCIS: New Orleans", you can be assured we would be getting more MCU projects with female leads being announced in the very near future.

That could still happen. Again, "Agent carter" isn't a flop.

But it's not a smash either.

You want to cry over lack of "female representation" in the Marvel Cinematic universe?

Put your eyeballs in front of a TV set and start watching "Agent carter".

Otherwise, you will be sending a message to marvel - and they will hear you and act accordingly.


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