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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Since Hollywood went cray-cray for remaking Japanese movies, J-horror has been brought to the masses. Many of us have fond memories of seeking out movies such as The Ring, Dark Water and The Grudge, whether in the original Japanese or the remade American versions - personally I saw both, I'm a completist like that...

It's been 11 whole years since the first Americanized The Grudge movie, and little curse kid, Toshio Saeki, has grown from a spooky kid to a handsome young man! Check out how much time flies, even for little ghost children...

The Grudge

Year Released: 2004

Actor: Yuya Ozeki

Born: June 5, 1996

What Does He Do Now? He still works on screen in Japan, recently in 2014's Oyaji no senaka.

Fun Fact: He also played Toshio in the original Japanese version of The Grudge, Ju-On and its sequel.

See him in action...

Fun Fact: a different kid plays Toshio Saeki in every Grudge movie!

We loyally trawled the 'net but there are literally no 2015 pics of the Toshios of The Grudge 2 and 3 anywhere, so hit us up if you find anything - it'd be cool to find out what these talented young actors are up to!

The Grudge 2

Year Released: 2006

Actor: Ohga Tanaka

Born: July 19, 1997

What Does He Do Now? Japanese TV, including the last couple of years working on Saigo kara nibanme no koi.

See him in action...

The Grudge 3

Year Released: 2009

Actor: Shimba Tsuchiya

See him in action...

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