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Jerome Maida

As Jimmy Palmiotti prepares for the long-awaited adaptation of the character he co-created, Painkiller Jane, to the big screen he makes it clear that he is thrilled to have the "Twisted Twins", Jen and Sylvia Soska, on board to direct the live-action feature.

Because Painkiller Jane has had both a live-action, titular TV-movie and TV series that both were less than smashing successes in the past decade.

Of the many things that will be different with this take on the character, Palmiotti says, are the Soskas - who are not only exceptionally skilled in Palmiotti's opinion, but will bring a female perspective to a film about a female lead character.

"Hell yes", exclaims Palmiotti. "It’s all that matters when you read the screenplay."

"They are the right people for the job and their take on the character we are presenting will be just what I was looking for", Palmiotti continues. "The right people for the right project all the way."

Painkiller Jane's alter-ego is Jane Vasco. Thanks to an accident, she is virtually indestructible, meaning she can undergo extremely serious injuries and walk away unharmed. However, her regenerative ability doesn't mean she is free from pain. Feisty and dangerous, she must save the world no matter how many "scratches" she receives.

"Painkiller Jane" is set to hit theaters in 2015.


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