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After years of development and a giant speed bump of a detour through the Wolverine movie that shall not be mentioned, Ryan Reynolds will finally be getting his very own Deapool movie. Fans of the character might be eager to wonder if the new movie will take this perfect opportunity to introduce that other fan favorite anti-hero of sorts, Cable.

Marvel's Best Duo

Fox doesn't have the deepest of benches when it comes to the Marvel characters they own. Outside of the various X-Men through the ages, Cable is just about the only major character that has yet to be put to use in some fashion or another. So if they are looking for the right time to debut the big silver-haired, bionic-armed, cyber-eyed brute, the Deadpool movie would make perfect sense.

Not only have the two characters spent years on the pages of Marvel's comic books connected at the hip (not literally, I don't think...), having Cable debut in Deadpool could be the perfect way for Fox to ramp up to an X-Force film that could be the post [X-Men: Apocalypse](movie:1194267) future franchise for the studio. Most obviously though, fans of either character will recall that Marvel's "Cable & Deadpool" books, which ran from 2004 to 2008, were highlights for both characters.

The X-Force Factor

As with the Deadpool movie, the X-Force movie is another project that has had a difficult time getting out of development hell. Kick Ass 2's Jeff Wadlow has been attached to write and direct the movie for years - even getting praise from his screenplay by none other than X-Force and Cable's creator Rob Liefeld's twitter account.

I've previously written about how Fox could go about rebuilding the X-Men universe after Apocalypse, and the best way to go about it could very well be by going the X-Force route. There's no need in forcing the hasty rebuild of another X-Men lineup when you could have Deadpool and Cable ushering in a brave new world of the X-Force going up against the Mutant Liberation Front.

Fox's Overdue Phase 1

If it catches on, the Cable-led X-Force could even lead into a new future for the X-Men, possibly featuring Gambit in their ranks, as the two teams famously did not get along all that well. I'm probably not the only superhero movie fan that recalls growing up with X-Force comics that had better stories and characters than the X-Men ones at the time.

The time is certainly ripe for Fox to be making some moves at world building and looking to the future. If the studio still feels safer taking baby steps - the least they could do is get Cable to at least become a known quantity to movie-goers in [Deadpool](movie:38663). So, more importantly, who should play Cable? Jason Statham?


Which actor would you cast as Cable?


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