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Kim Kardashian, thank you so much for sharing another one of your intellectual gems with the social media community.

The star, who is a spokeswoman for T-Mobile, took over the phone giant's Twitter account at the beginning of the week, answered a few fan questions and once again gave her audience something to think about.

In particular, Kim was asked who she would like to take a selfie with and as always, she provided us with a fantastic answer:

No, you read that correctly.

She wants to take a selfie with Jesus, not her husband Kanye, otherwise known as "Yeezus."

Let's just take a moment to envision this for a second:

I don't think she thought this one through...

She then went on to impart a great wealth of knowledge regarding many other crucial topics in today's society, including:

The tragic lack of emojis in the world:

The pressures of being a fashion icon:

The problem of having a daughter who flushes mobile phones down toilets:

Finally, she ended with an incredibly concise description of her individual style:

I love how Queen K likes to keep it short and sweet!

Recently, the 34 year-old Selfie Queen premiered her T-Mobile commercial at the Super Bowl. If you need reminding, take another look:

Kim you may have some funny ideas, but I totally respect your ability to parody your obsession with the front lens on your smartphone.

What do YOU guys think of Kim's Twitter Q&A?


How do you feel about Kim's selfie obsession?



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