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Prolific treasure hunter Lara Croft, made famous by the excellent video game series Tomb Raider, has remained a pop culture icon after her first digital incarnation appeared on screens way back in 1996. Croft's trademark look has since been emulated by countless cosplayers (as well as by Angelina Jolie herself in 2003's movie adaptation), much to the delight of fans and gamers alike!

These incredible cosplayers have perfected the famous raider's style so well, they wouldn't look out of place on a film set. But before we take a glimpse, remind yourself of Angelina Jolie's effort:

Now you have a point of comparison, here are some of the internet's best Lara Crofts!

Woodland Warrior

[Source: Illyne cosplay]

Wet Work

[Source: Lena-Lara]

Urban Assassin

[Source: Meagan Marie]

Tomb Raiding

[Source: Giorgia Cosplay]

Locked and Loaded

[Source: Katsurag Cosplay]

[Photographer: Danarki]

Bow-dacious Croft

[Source: MeliCosplay]


Which Lara is your favorite?

[Source: NuzCo]


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