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We all know that Pokemon is awesome, and so is cosplay - so put the two together and you create something truly epic!

Just looking at these wonderfully talented cosplayers in action is making me yearn for a live-action Pokemon movie - Just think about how awesome it would be! Anyway, that's a dream that's not likely to happen anytime soon, so in the meantime let's check out some of the best Pokemon cosplayers the internet has to offer!

Officer Jenny

I could see a futuristic sci-fi take on Pokemon working great with real life actors, instead of cartoons.

[Source: Mostflogged]


This is a rather unusually sensual take on Kingdra, but you can't say he hasn't committed to it!

[Source: Berry-Cosplay]


Byndo Gehk's awesome outfit is a terrifically creative take on the water-type pocket monster, Totodile.

[Source: Byndo Gehk]

Jesse and James

Team Rocket are blasting off again with these immaculately crafted costumes. I love the hair!

[Source: Rei-Doll]


This fantastic cosplay is making me all misty-eyed...

Hilda (Pokemon White)

Beethy's take on Hilda is subtle yet perfect!

[Source: Beethy]

Domino and Giovani

Team Rocket's elite have got style and swagger - Giovani looks particularly menacing!

[Source: melvinopolis]

And Finally....Mister Misty!

I don't even know what to say, but I think I'm in love...

[Source: Zeek]


Which Poke-cosplay is your favorite?

[Source: Kotaku]


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