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With Season 3 around the corner, I thought I would share this with you all.

For anyone that has watched the Netflix original series House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey & Robyn Wright, You will have grown attached to a particular character throughout the two series. Perhaps you were drawn to Doug's loyalty or maybe Peter's struggles and his redemption.

My one focus point throughout both series was the man himself, Frank Underwood.

Your Right Hand

Doug Stamper is Frank's right hand man. He is loyal, quick on his feet and has aligned his goals with his superior. Even though there is the obvious boss / employee relationship between the pair, they work together as equals. You have to trust your right hand in any situation, for you to get your job done and drive 100% towards your own success, having complete trust in their abilities will give you the chance to excel in your own areas.

Giving 2nd chances... and even a 3rd in Doug's case, is something all successful people have to learn. We are all human and we will sometimes make mistakes. But to show compassion and empathy when the time is right, will show such a strong character to your subordinate that their loyalty will only grow and your relationship is stronger than ever.

A partner you are completely honest with.

There are many reasons as to why I love [House of Cards](series:726551), however Kevin and Robyn's chemistry on screen was perfect and how their characters were written, truly a lesson to be learnt. You need someone you can 100%, unequivocally trust, the whole 9 yards. As success driven people we can sometimes lose our ways with relationships, either implementing analytic thinking or not finding the time in the day. You both need to understand each others goals and work towards succeeding together. Even through the hard times, if you can remain honest and open you will be able to move past situations and become stronger as a unit than you ever could as a singularity.

You just wouldn't mess with this couple.
You just wouldn't mess with this couple.

Ruthless Determination

Never give up. A simple mantra we hear nearly every day and it should always be the first words on our lips as we face adversity. You don't stop until you have won, even when the cards are not in your hand and the chips are stacked against you, keep moving forward and find another route your goal. Frank faced many challenges as he climbed his way up the political ladder from hometown tragedy's too annoying reporters. But through it all he never once broke his stride, He did not throw a tantrum (except when Mrs Underwood almost demands him to have one)

He assessed his position and acted with full force in another direction , always finding a way to come out on top. Always remaining humble in the public eye, not showing all his cards at once and especially not letting them see the aces up his sleeve.

Social Media Is A Powerful Tool

With 140 characters Frank changed party leaders, brought in his own to set up his future take over. Having Zoe working at the Herald, Slugline and as a freelance, Frank had the means to get his words out and sway public opinion. He kept his hands clean of it all and through the means of someone else the world listened. Social Media is a powerful tool, the ability to share information at the click of a button, the power of a photo 'Mutual admiration society' can bring people together and set you off on a new path you never even imagined. Utilize the tools we have, we want to get our voices heard? have something worth listening too and then find the right mouth peace to speak over the crowd. You may not end up as president, but I can guarantee you will feel more of a dominant player in your industry.

*Knock, Knock*

Until Season 3.
Until Season 3.


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