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Things aren't looking fantastic for my bae Bonnie at the moment and an announcement from Kat Graham has made the lovable witch's chances of survival seem even slimmer.

Since Bonnie has been edged out of the storylines in season 6, whispers in the fandom are growing that the series may end with Bonnie being killed off in a final, devastating blow. Possibly by the people she loves after she becomes dangerous thanks to the psychological damage of her time alone in 1994.

Although these stories are all hearsay, Kat Graham has just announced she will be taking on another time consuming project, which doesn't bode well for her continued career playing Bonnie on [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853).

Graham has signed up to star in a film noir-inspired musical project named Muse and the 28-year-old actress is even using her oft-hidden talents to compose and produce all of the tracks that will appear in the series of three short films.

A still from Muse
A still from Muse

Anyone who follows Graham's career will know that she has a passion for music, and while I am obviously pleased that she is following her dream, I am worried this project could drag her away from Bonnie.

Graham admitted feeling detached from her character two years ago in 2013 when she told interviewers that:

I’m not emotionally attached to the outcome of the characters I’m assigned to play, the fans are. I’m there to do my job and go home, and it doesn’t matter because I’ve done my job and I’m happy with the work I’ve done, and even if they’d killed me off, I’d still be grateful for it. If it was a personal choice, I’m sure I would have been gone a long time ago

All of the factors listed above give a major worry that season six could be Bonnie's last.

What do you guys think the future holds for Bonnie?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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