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On February 4th, “Ms. Marvel” #11 dropped and it wrapped up what was Kamala Khan’s showdown with her first true villain. Febuary 5th, is the one year anniversary of “Ms. Marvel” #1 and so it feels like the right time to take a look at the character and what she’s done for comics in her first year of existence.

Kamala Khan is a Muslim teenager from Jersey City, New Jersey who loves gaming, spending time with her friends/family and writing Avengers fan fic. Her idol is none other than Captain Marvel herself, Carol Danvers. Kamala comes from a very protective and religious family. They are practicing Muslims but even her dad makes jokes to her very strict Muslim brother sometimes. Her parents are protective and in the first issue she’s told she cannot attend a party with some of the more popular kids from school. She, being 16, sneaks out to the party and ends up being exposed to Terrigen Mists, thus gaining powers. For 10 issues after this, Kamala starts to learn more about herself and the kind of hero she wants to be.

To say that the new Ms. Marvel is important is a serious understatement. I believe that Kamala Khan is the fuel to a movement that really started when Carol Danvers was revamped into Captain Marvel. When that happened you could see something happening in comics. Fans were changing and a superheroine that was more looks than brains was not what people wanted. Captain Marvel brought in a whole new legion of fans that immediately branded themselves the Carol Corps and they started to have a serious presence at conventions across the world.

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