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One of the most awaited - and most talked about - movies of the season is definitely the book to movie adaptation of Fifty Shades Of Grey by E.L. James. The steamy novel made women all over the world, including me, go crazy over the mysterious and incredibly sexy Christian Grey.

After reading the book, my best friend and I immediately got ourselves tickets for the avant-première here in Belgium. But after reading some of the posts on Tumblr, I've been having some second thoughts. Should I?


While I was calmly scrolling through my dashboard, posts about boycotting the movie kept popping up. People were planning on flocking another movie on the day of the release, to show their protest. They didn't want to feel like they were funding something that didn't stroke with their beliefs. But the question remains, does a boycott solve the problem?

A visional representation of the queue's.
A visional representation of the queue's.


The bloggers claim the movie gives the audience a completely wrong idea of a healthy relationship. "It's not the type of relationship/love we should be teaching our girls/boys to pursue!", it sounds.

The relationship between Anastasia and Christian is described as abusive and non-consensual. The bondage and SM used in the storyline of the book is not right according to the rules of actual BDSM. For example; the safe word. On multiple occasions Anastasia used the safe word, but Christian didn't stop.

Some serious stuff is going down in this movie...
Some serious stuff is going down in this movie...


My best friend and I really enjoyed the book, not so much for the sex scenes, but for the romance. We're going to be going to see the movie anyway, because we love to watch book-to-screen adaptations. Does it mean we support abusive relationships? No. Does it mean we think consent isn't important? No. It's not like we're giving our money to a campaign promoting bad guys, we're JUST GOING TO SEE A MOVIE.

So basically, go see it if you want to. It's completely up to you.


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