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The Wedding Ringer is formulaic, predictable, and overall, a damn funny film. It stars Kevin Hart as Jimmy Callahan, a man who started a business based on providing soon to be married men with a best man and groomsmen, because they do not have any. Josh Gad is Doug Harris, a man who I ten days out from his wedding, and goes to Callahan as a last resort, and thus, this film is born.

The first thing you must know about this film is to not think too hard about the plot and development, because you will soon realize that it is not exactly possible in the real world, although this film is pretty smart in explaining some of the questions you might have, but for someone to create a business like this is not at all possible in the real world, so don’t even think about it.

Now, this film’s humor and enjoyment relies on the chemistry between Hart and Gad, and the chemistry was on point. Hart and Gad played off each other very well, and the humor they provided delivered laughs throughout the film. There was a constant barrage of laughter throughout the theater.

Hart and Gad have great chemistry together, but even more than that, the humor provided by the seven groomsmen Hart finds for this wedding were very comedic and took some of the pressure off of Gad and Hart. The characters of the groomsmen are one dimensional characters, but in a film like this, that is quite alright. They are here for humor, and they delivered.

The only character I absolutely hated in this film was Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting’s Gretchen Palmer. I couldn’t stand her. She was shallow and bitter and just an unlikable character. She starts off the film as a decent person and character, but it’s all downhill from there. You end up rotting against their wedding because of her. That s all in the writing and there is a reason for that, but I just couldn’t stand her character.

Another problem this film presented was that it switched from comedy to drama, then back to comedy in a heartbeat (No pun intended). There would be a really funny scene, and then the next one would be full on drama, with no buildup to that drama. If there was more buildup to these dramatic scenes, then they would have worked a lot better than they did. But when these dramatic scenes popped up, I was just waiting for the comedy to start up again.

In these dramatic scenes we learned a lot more about Hart and Gad’s characters, and the type of people they are and want to be. However, because of the suddenness of these scenes and lack of buildup, they did not work as much as I wanted them to.

This film was funny, and at times, it was hilarious. However, some of the comedy in the film is not for everybody. There is a lot of low brow humor and crude jokes that not everybody will appreciate. With that being said, I enjoyed the humor presented in the film. Not all of the jokes were funny, but the delivery of those jokes worked, and delivery is the most important part of any joke. Not every joke made me laugh, but a majority of them did because Hart and Gad know how to deliver their lines, and they each knew how to deliver their jokes.

One of the best aspects of this film was that it is rated R, and the first film starring Kevin Hart with an R rating. Because of this, we get to see the Kevin Hart from his standup specials, the one allowed to mouth off and cuss as much as he wants. Hart is one of the funniest comedians of our time, and this film knows how to utilize his brand of comedy to its success.

Like I mentioned earlier, this film is predictable and formulaic, but with a film like this, it’s not about the destination but rather the journey the film takes you on. That journey was filled with a lot of laughs, and a lot of enjoyment. Not everything in the film worked, but this was one of the better Kevin Hart films.


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