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Kat Bacon

As an astute follower of trends and a sucker for peer pressure, I'd like to present to the world my 4 Childhood Crushes.

First on my list is a crush that causes me no shame: those flowing golden-brown locks and dreamy eyes that said 'I'm yours' were the only real reasons I religiously watched Home Improvement (AmIRightLadies?)

Jonathan Taylor Thomas (known affectionately as JTT)

Joseph Gordon Levitt

Before 30 Rock, there was 3rd Rock... from the Sun... and it starred the ever so delightful JGL (it appears I have a thing for feminine hair styles and double-barrel last names). Who knew young Joseph would turn into a stallion of the silver screen? Totally legitimized crush. I rest my case.

Elijah Wood

That's right- Frodo is in my bag and I'm not afraid to talk about it (after years of therapy). However, before he realised his potential as a world-famous traveling Hobbit, Elijah warmed my vegetarian heart as a dolphin-loving pre-teen in the classic 'Free Willy'. Wood and Willy were the best of friends... wait, scrap that.

Moving on...

Captain Planet

When it comes to sheer masculinity, Captain Planet was everyone's hero. An environmentalist with a moral compass as solid as a rock: dream boat! I'm still waiting for the live-action Captain Planet movie, for which I wrote a fan-cast I'm still waiting to hear back about (thanks Paramount). Until then, you'll live in my dreams Cap'n, and my diary. And now in this post.

Rest assured that this is not in order of highest-lowest crush level, each one of these gents won me over in equal measure with their boyish charms, and all have a place in my heart today as they did on my wall back in 'the day'.

I hope I haven't lost all respect, but I do feel better getting this off my chest.


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