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The first trailer for the long awaited "Poltergeist" remake has hit the web and it's a lot better than expected! Take a look:

Of course the trailer opens with the family living their normal life, everything is as it should be, but surely and quickly, everything descends into hell.

The film focuses on the Bowen family, who's youngest daughter becomes the main focus of a supernatural entity known as a Poltergeist. A spirit that can manipulate the world surrounding it. The spirit is there because the Bowen's house along with all the houses in their neighborhood were constructed atop an old burial ground.

Sam Rockwell (Moon) stars in the horror remake as does Rosemarie DeWitt (The Watch), with a small role from Jared Harris (Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows) who informs the family of what is really going on.

Sam Raimi who you'll probably know from directing the "Spider-Man" films, made his horror mark with the classic "Evil Dead", a horror icon that many films have tried to copy. He is producing the film with director Gil Kenan who directed the animated horror "Monster House".

The film is also in 3D, which will make for quite the horror experience. As the trailer suggests, there are going to be many visual effects.

A remake is something that we as film fans all dread, but this one looks to be quite the ride!


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