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It’s a film that has shown its presence in a handful of haunted house films ever since its release back in 1982, whenever the youngest member of a family finds an imaginary friend, or a paranormal investigator adds an extra spoonful of fear to the force they’re encountering there’s an echo of Carol Ann’s classic line; “They’re heeere.” Well, with the arrival of the teaser trailer for The Poltergeist remake, they’re here in a whole new version – whether you like it or not.

Directed by Monster House‘s Gil Kenan and produced by horror helming legend Sam Raimi, Poltergeist (ain’t nobody got time for ‘the’) on Tobe Hooper’s 1982 classic sees a family move into a new house only to realise that it comes with a few unexpected extras. A supernatural force has awoken in their new home and connects with their youngest daughter, quicker than you can lock a stuffed clown in a cupboard and the antagonist from an astral plain snatches up the wee nipper, leading to a battle between the living and the dead.

Rosemarie DeWitt and Sam Rockwell are taking the roles of the panicking parents originally played by JoBeth Williams and Craig T. Nelson. As for the role of spiritual medium so iconically played by Zelda Rubinstein, that’ll fall to Jared Harris, who will be bringing his enigmatic presence to the screen when the bumps in the night begin.

As you’d expect with a remake, there’s plenty here that is simply a play-by-play of the original film, which might not appeal to those who were already scared the first time (when you’ve seen one giant bedroom invading tree, you’ve seen ‘em all right?). Having said that, Kenan is responsible of one of the most surprisingly scary kids films ever made (just me?), so there’s a chance he could shock us and maybe get a few extra chills from Raimi’s wise words to boot. Also, any film with added Rockwell gets my attention, so colour me if only slightly intrigued.

Rosemarie DeWitt and Sam Rockwell in Poltergeist.
Rosemarie DeWitt and Sam Rockwell in Poltergeist.

It’s easy to say that the original film should have been laid to rest but here we are. What do you think though? Has what’s on show left you intrigued or aren’t you afraid of no ghost? Sound off in the comments below.

As for Poltergeist that’ll be possessing clowns and chucking tennis balls at audiences July 24 this year.

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