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When one thinks of the term "Youtuber" they think of people like Pewdiepie, or Smosh. Another name that comes to mind is Ray William Johnson. Ray hosted the most popular show on YouTube for a while, Equals three, where he reviewed internet videos on a weekly basis. The gig as host of Equals three landed him the most subscribed Youtuber for a long time, only to be passed by Smosh a few years ago. When Ray retired from Equals Three, he wanted to stop the show all together, but was convinced by his co-workers to instead cast a new host, Robby Motz.

( Robby Motz )
( Robby Motz )

Since the show has switched hosts there has been quite a bit of controversy facing the show, some people preferring Robby, some wanting Ray back.

But that's just it, Ray IS coming back.

To YouTube, but not the show....yet.

At the beginning of the video that was posted to Rays' Channel, between taking about his vacation, he does state that he is "In between doing movies right now" and he is about to "start up another one". Ray has always wanted to move onto longer feature films and other things outside of YouTube as well as in YouTube's' world, as shown by his 5 Piece play/ Mini-series, Riley Rewind, Which he directed and acted a small part in.

(Riley Rewind)
(Riley Rewind)

He goes on to state that he is " Launching two new online shows. One is called 'Top 6' I'm producing it and it is starring Kelly Landry who is a very talented writer for Equals Three." He also says that he will be doing some sketch comedy work entitled "Booze Lightyear" ( clearly a spin on Buzz Lightyear ), and he (Ray), says that he will be preforming in it alot.


So what do you think? Is he really going to be back with us? Are we getting the man who nearly singlehandedly brought up baby YouTube back with us? Joshua Barrett


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