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The second trailer for this years "FURIOUS 7" has hit the web, clocking in at around 3 minutes, the trailer shows us even more bombastic car scenes, beautiful locations and a villain out for vengeance.

James Wan (The Conjuring, Saw) is the director behind this 7th installment in the "Fast" franchise. Taking the stunts, action and story to a completely new level! "Furious 7" is set to be the most profitable and explosive film in the series.

Many familiar faces from previous films have returned here with Jason Statham hopping on board as the franchise's new villain. Owen Shaw (Luke Evans), the villain from the last film, had an even badder, more skilled big brother who is out for Toretto and his gang for the death of his younger brother.

Dominic and his family are looking forward to starting new lives after the events of London, they want to leave their troubled pasts behind them. But for anybody who stayed after the credits for "Fast 6", knows that Owen Shaw's big brother is on the hunt, and he's about to destroy all hope for a fresh start.

Ever since "Fast Five", the franchise feels reinvented and a necessary course correction was taken. And with this latest entry directed by James Wan, the stakes are scaled up to 11 and the action is more ridiculous than ever. Vin Diesel jumping a car between two buildings, Dwayne Johnson plummeting into a car from a substantial height and only breaking an arm seem to be only some of the outright insane yet exciting set pieces to come.

Of course with the unexpected and incredibly tragic death of Paul Walker in 2013, this seventh film is going to pack quite the emotional punch. The trailer focuses heavily on family, a trope that this franchise bases itself upon. But don't expect this to be a tear filled drama, the high octane car chases and action scenes are all still here.

"[Furious 7](movie:264263)" hits theaters on April 3rd!


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