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Obviously a lot has changed in last week's episode of The Vampire Diaries, let's take a look

LUKE: he died trying to save his sisters and I consider him a hero. He went up against Kai. If it hadn't been for him Jo would have merged with Kai and she and Liv would have been dead

CAROLINE: She feels guilty about feeding Liz her blood as it spread up her cancer and could kill her. Even though Kai helped with that issue, she is still gonna lose her mom sooner or later and Caroline will be devastated and it is going to change her in so many ways. Not to mention, that will bring her and Stefan closer together

ENZO: Even if it didn't happen in this episode he is still planning something that has to do with Sarah Salvatore, Stefan and Damon's great niece b.t.w. Damon knows nothing about her

DAMON AND ELENA: They're trying to start over and re-create their memories. As it turned out they're picking up where they left off even though they didn't make it clear. A little kiss happened because Elena was moved by Liz's sudden heart attack and she realized that life is too short. Get ready Delena fans...

KAI: He's now the leader of the gemini coven with magic he absorbed from his merge with Luke. About the next week's episode Julie Plec said that Kai is showing a softer side of himself trying to help our heroes with bringing Bonnie back. If you ask me there's no way of that happening

BONNIE: She's in 1994 trapped in a different dimension that used to be Kai's prison without friends and all alone. She is trying to work through it which makes her the strongest person in the show in my opinion. Julie Plec teased that Bonnie is going to commit suicide and we have no idea what might happen

JEREMY: He'll try to help bring Bonnie back Caroline Dries said

Jeremy is going to step up and be kind of the hero in this episode and how can you save Bonnie without see her or touch her

LIV: She's furious because of Luke's death and she might even wanna kill Kai... What??

Wanna watch the trailer for The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 13?

Boy, am I looking forward to tonight's episode of [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853)!


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