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This really goes out to the gamers (like myself) on this one.

Anyone who plays a game has heard of Final Fantasy. Even a lot of non-gamers have heard of it. Kind of hard not to when they've put out like 20 games in the franchise. Final Fantasy 15 is set to release sometime within the next 2 years hopefully. Not holding my breath on that one. Now just to clarify, I'm not an avid player of Final Fantasy but the stories that they present are some of the most amazing I have ever seen.

Which brings me back to the point at hand....a lot of us want a Final Fantasy movie. Done the right way. And I say that because they did in fact make two Final Fantasy movies. Unfortunately, one of them which was the most advertised and had the better animation technology was considered a dud and with good reason.

Now I have nothing against the movie itself, it was actually a very good movie. And it also had some really good animation. The story was also very good. So why was it was considered a dud and got bad reviews? I shall elaborate.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was released in theaters back in 2001. When you look the film, it had the most amazing animation that match what we see in some of the high end video games that we have today. That was 14 years ago, the animation was WAY ahead of its time. And the story was indeed very well written. But...the Final Fantasy title was what made it bomb.

Now I'm not saying that in the way that I'm bashing Final Fantasy. But when anyone who was a fan of Final Fantasy heard the name, it automatically had a HUGE expectancy to live up to. It had to deliver something just as good as what the games delivered. practically impossible. You just can't condense a game that had 15-20 hours worth (yes, I said hours) of detailed, dramatic, action packed, epic story into an hour and a half long movie. It just isn't possible.

I can almost guarantee you that if it did not have the Final Fantasy title, and wasn't marked as a part of the Final Fantasy franchise...this movie would have performed better at the box office.

Now they did however make another movie: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. The reason for the roman numeral 7, is because the movie itself acts as an Epilogue/Continuing story of the 7th game. Final Fantasy VII still remains to be the most popular and most loved title of the franchise. They done an amazing job. But they also had an 18 hour game that was the basis for the film's story. So there wasn't much else to tell in that story.

Those of you that have seen Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within...I want you to just imagine this for a minute...

If they were to make a new Final Fantasy movie that still had the same animation technology that they used in The Spirits Within, and they do it the right way, then they would have a movie that would shatter the box office. Bare with me for a second. The way that they make movies these days, a movie can potentially last between 3-4 hours. And also, look at The Hobbit. It took 3 movies to tell the entire story. Now think about this, 3 movies that last 3-4 hours a piece means up to 12 hours of a glorious Final Fantasy movie that would leave a mark in history.

With the animation technology of Spirits Within and the possibility of 3 separate movies...they could pull it off very nicely.


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