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Our beloved 'Jack Sparrow', Johnny Depp has tied the knot with Amber Heard last night in a private ceremony in Los Angeles. The two have been engaged since Christmas 2012 after meeting on set of the 2011, Bruce Robison's 'The Rum Diary'.

They stepped out as a couple after Depp split with his partner Vanessa Paradis , who they have 2 children, daughter Lily-Rose, 15, and son Jack, 12. This is Depp's second marriage after Lori Anne Allison in December 1983.

The Rum Diary - 2011
The Rum Diary - 2011

Depp ,51 years, who does not look 51 at all. And before you say anything YES every girl would love to be in Amber, 28 years, shoes right now. I mean look at him the man does not age! If anything he gets more hotter! But that is a big gap in age difference 51-28 = 23 years

Johnny over the years - See what i mean!
Johnny over the years - See what i mean!

Depp has done many memorable films which we are all grateful for, this includes many of Tim Burton's characters from (Edward Scissorhands, Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland and so on). Not to forget our favourite Pirates of the Caribbean, 'Jack Sparrow' .

Well as a huge Depp fan i am happy for you Johnny, i wish you both a happy ever after!


Are you happy for the newly-wed couple?


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