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The last episode of the hit TV series The Office U.S. aired almost two years ago and I'm still full of emotions about. It was a perfect ending to a perfect show that left a lot of people satisfied. I tried my best to hold back the tears, but when they did their final interviews with the camera crew I couldn't contain the flood gates no more! All of this left a single question inside me: does their final interview for have to be their last for our guys at Dunder Mifflin and beyond? You know what I'm talking about. Spin off series! I remember there were rumors before the series ended about a Dwight Schrute spin off called the Farm but sadly those proved to be just rumors. I believe there is a lot of potential for a successful spin off series and it doesn't even have to be nine seasons long! It can just be a mini series with ten episodes! It doesn't matter how long or short the series is I just need another Office fix. There is already a huge fan base for the Office, so all they have to do is create a spin off series. Here are some ideas:

The Farm

Farms are simple, quiet, and downright boring all except for Schrute Farms of course! This spin off series will follow the crazy life of Dwight K. Schrute when he is not running Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch. It will feature him getting into crazy antics with his odd cousin Mose on their beet farm. We will also be able to catch glimpses of life back in the office from time to time and relive that sweet nostalgia. Let's not forget that we get more Angela in our lives again! Overall I think the Farm would be a great spin off series because we get all the laughs that come from Dwight and the gang and who knows, Jim and Pam can come to Schrute Farms for a romantic getaway again.


This is a spin off that I would really love to become a reality! Jim Halpert and Darryl Philbin were my favorite characters on the Office. The sarcasm and wit from these two were the best and always had me laughing until it hurt. We can be introduced to a group of all new characters that work in the offices at Athlead who we will love just like those friendly people down at Dunder Mifflin. Athlead will also give us more classic Jim and Pam moments. Watching PB&J's relationship from season one to the series finale was one of the best things on the show and had a big impact on our lives. The Halperts are the definition of relationship goals and everyone who watched the show wants a Jim and Pam relationship. Like I said in the Farm, Jim and Pam can even go up to Pennsylvania to pay Dwight's farm a visit. Who knows, even Michael and Holly can come visit them down in Austin, Texas! This series has so much to offer to its viewers and it can have the potential to be something big.

A Creed Bratton Spin off

Classic Creed! Creed Bratton was the Office's enigma and one of the most interesting characters on the show throughout its run. Creed was just downright strange and the way that he looked at the world and the things going on around him was absolutely hilarious! Who wouldn't want a Creed spin off? This show would just focus on the daily life of the legend that is Creed Bratton after he is released from prison. This show would be an absolute rib-tickler and would leave us all saying "classic Creed!"

This is all I could think of for right now but there are so many other characters they can base a show off of and I know viewers would be delighted to see them on the small screen once more!


Which one do you think will make a great spin off series?


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