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The is doing an amazing job of giving us many great heroes and villains on their shows and they continue to give us more every week. Some of these characters are not as popular as others but we love them all the same. With the success and previous announcement of confirmed future seasons ( Season 4 and Season 2) there will be many more heroes and villains to appear on both shows. With the upcoming TV show Titans and them having confirmed the starting roster there are still come characters that would be awesome to have on the small screen. I have picked five characters that I think would be great additions to these shows. These are mostly well known characters that I think would be great additions for multiple episodes. That being said here are my five picks for more heroes on TV.

5. Static Shock (or Static) / Virgil Hawkins

My first pick is the gang baby teenager Static Shock, or Static. Static is a typical teenager that can manipulate electricity and fly using his elctro hover-board. I feel that Static would be a great addition to the Flash for the reason that his origin story could be tied in to the reactor explosion. Static got his powers from toxic gas mishap and those who were affected by the reactor got supernatural powers. They could make this connection so easily and introduce a character that is good and that can do his own thing on the side and help Flash out when he needs him. Also if they want to they could introduce Static's best friend/side kick Ritchie a.k.a. Gear from the Static Shock TV series. I would be ecstatic, see what I did there, if they did that because I was such a huge fan of that show. This could produce an awesome spin off series just like [Arrow](series:720988) did for Flash. Over all if Static did come on the Flash it could be an episode where Virgil is a normal teenager that gets these powers and can't control them and Flash helps him use his powers for good and shows him how to deal with this new responsibility he now has. I just think it makes the most sense out of all of my picks.

4. Plastic Man / Eel O'Brien

This one is gonna be way out there but I think it could work on the Flash. Plastic Man is a zany and crazy character that would definitely not fit in the Arrow dynamic but might do well on the Flash. Plastic Man is basically what he sounds like, he can stretch and move his body as far as he wants. He is basically DC's version of Mr. Fantastic. He isn't directly related to the Flash in any way but he could be one of the many meta-humans in this show. How he could fit in, and stay with me on this one because it is a far stretch, is as one of Dr. Wells' relatives. He kinda looks like he could be related to Wells in the picture above. Hear me out, Plastic Man and Wells could be related but want nothing to do with each other and have to work together to help [The Flash](series:1068303) or someone else. The flashbacks would be interesting to see what happened between them and where they are now. Also, I just like the character and how they could have him portrayed using his powers on the show. It's a long shot but I think it could work.

3. Blue Beetle / Jaime Reyes

I have made argument after argument that Jaime Reyes' version of Blue Beetle needs to be a live action portrayal on TV or in a movie. The first time I ever saw Blue Beetle was in the animated series Young Justice and I loved his character. I think that Blue Beetle would work in both Arrow and Flash, but I think he would do better in Arrow. In Arrow they could stick to his origin story of how the Egyptian scarab, the device that gives him his outfit and weapons, latched onto his back in his sleep, but I think another storyline would work better. I think that Jaime should be an old friend of Roy's that he happens to run into one day while he is in town. Jaime would already have the scarab at this point. One night while Oliver and Roy are on duty they run into Jaime as Blue Beetle fighting crime and confront him because they do not know who he is. Eventually Roy and Jaime reveal who they are and team up to take on some villain. It's another long shot but I think it would be a good Roy relational centered episode.

2. Zatanna / Zatanna Zatara

My only female pick is also the only one to actually get a live screen performance on Smallville by Serinda Swan. Zatanna is a fun character because she doesn't have any superpowers but she has power. This is a character like Blue Beetle that could do well on both Arrow and Flash. On Arrow she could be someone that Oliver crosses paths with in need of help in the field of magic and sorcery that involves some new villain. On Flash she could be someone that the STAR labs confuses for a meta-human and they have to deal with a new menace in town. She would do great on either show but I want her on one either way. The cool factor that she brings with her abilities and personality would be awesome. Combine her character from the animated series Justice League and Young Justice and it would translate very well.

1. Red Hood / Jason Todd

Why it has taken so long for a Robin to make a TV screen appearance on any show is beyond me. In Titans we are getting Nightwing as the Robin of choice and that is who I would have chosen as well. That being said, I want to see Red Hood even more than Nightwing not because I don't like him but because after seeing the animated movie Batman: Under the Red Hood I found my new favorite Robin. A live action role of how Red Hood is portrayed in this movie would be the best form of him. Red Hood was a good kid turned into a harsh adult because of what happened to him while taking up the role of Robin. Red Hood would be perfect for the Arrow environment because of how dark his character is. He is kinda like Deathstroke in the sense that he is doing what he does because he believes it is right and fair. Red Hood would be a character that could be introduced in Season 4 and might get into Roy's head and start making him think differently and recruit him to his group Red Hood and the Outlaws. He could even be a season long antagonist that also makes himself seem like he's on team Arrow's side. I want this to happen so badly I don't care how they do it I just want it to happen.

Well, there you have it, there are my top five picks for who I think would make good candidates for live action portrayals of our favorite DC characters. Let me know what you think down in the comments whether you think am I spot on or way off. Also, let me know who else you think should be on these shows.


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