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Fighting cancer is, oddly, not a new topic within comics. Superheroes have dealt with it and the loss it can cause, and the comic book community has created movements using superheroes as symbols for beating cancer countless times. [Arrow](series:720988)'s Stephen Amell is personally involved in a cancer-focused charity called F&CK CANCER, and countless creators have written comics around the subject to raise awareness and fund life-saving research.

Despite all of that, the image of 3-year-old Sophia Sandoval that hit the internet this morning rocked the community in the best ways. With Lynda Carter-style flair, the toddler proudly poses in her Wonder Woman costume next to a sign celebrating her last day of chemotherapy.

Sophia has been battling Medulloblastoma, a type of brain tumor, for some time now. The usually rambunctious toddler began falling and losing control of her movement while playing, and doctors diagnosed her soon after. Her chemo began in June 2014, and her last day was on January 30th; Sophia chose to celebrate by showing just how much of a superheroine she really is.

"When she was taking the medicine, we would tell her she was going to get Super Woman or Wonder Woman powers," said Sophia's mother, Rossio Sandoval.

The photo even caught the attention of Lynda Carter herself, who shared it with her fans while beaming with pride at the young survivor.

Now that she's out of chemo, Sophia is happily running around without a walker or any help. She still has a while to go, and her parents have opened a fund to help pay for the enormous bills, but it looks like this little superheroine is on her way to a full recovery.


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