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"I am save this series..."

Let me 1st start off by saying that I love "Arrow". I was new to Twitter and had never live Tweeted before until I watched "Arrow" 5 episode from Season 1. I own both seasons on Blu Ray. Avid fan of the series. As a writer/hack, I love a good story. One of the things that drew me in was the realism or the grounded nature of the series as well as the character interaction. Ollie sleeping with Sara, his girlfriends'sister, Laurel who in his absence was sleeping with his bestie Tommy after Ollie returned from the dead. The same Tommy who is now dead because of his Dad's plan to avenge his wife's, (Tommy's mother's) death. (Whew!) A soap opera with vigilanties fighting with arrows, swords & other sharp objects. In other words, this thing was dripping with drama, angst, & good fashioned butt whuppin almost every night. That trend spilled over into Season 2 with even more bad-assery + Deathstroke. Arrow was the best super hero focused show ever. Sadly now, it is not. That title now belongs to The Flash as it has surpassed what Arrow is doing this season. I don't know if the producers have stretched themselves to thin with doing 2 shows this season & developing a third & possibly a fourth with "Supergirl" & maybe "The Atom". But doggoneit! I want MY Arrow back. The Arrow that didn't get the girl he wanted but crushed every babe (& bad guy) in sight! The Arrow that worked in a three tiered system of Diggle, Felicity, himself with a bit of help from the police. The Arrow who was an OUTLAW who worked outside of the justice system, a freaking tough as nails vigilante who didn't give public speeches declaring his love for the people in Starling City! The series is a shell of itself and after last night's episode "Uprising" I decided to take it upon myself to purge my anger with the pen & fix the series. I will layout 4 things that the producers can do that not only right the ship but also amp up the excitement of the series to make it "must-see" TV again.

Behold: The foreshadowing of a crowd in The Cave
Behold: The foreshadowing of a crowd in The Cave

Clear out/Clean up the Cave

Literally and figuratively, they need to clear it out. There are way to many guys & girls that know where the heck it is and they are way too many guys & girls in it. It makes sense that Ollie has made not only allies and enemies but they ALL don't need to know where the glass cases are. In short the primary team should be Ollie, Felicity, & Diggle. Period, point blank. Send Roy & Laurel away to work with A.R.G.U.S, something plausible to thin the ranks & then have Team Arrow move to a more secret location like the one in "City of Blood" where he went after Moira died. Team Arrow has way too many strings right now. I thought that the purpose of getting Ollie out of Starling City was to develop his team, specifically Roy & Laurel. (My apologies to the Olicity Nation) In a way that did happen. Roy when working with Ollie was consistently getting his ass handed to him. It was getting really old. That's over now. He can hold his own. Laurel, bless her heart is the bane of of Olicity Nation. The writer's have tried and tried to get her right but have still come up short. During Ollie's time away, she took the mantle of the Canary & took Roy's place as the mop that criminals used to mop of the city streets with. She was getting her head beat in but it WAS realistic due to the fact that she WASN'T READY!!! That was believable. But the experiment has failed. Roy/Laurel must go so that Team Arrow can live.

This would allow us to learn more about Diggle and his days before he met Oliver. The low hanging fruit would be to give Diggle a suit The story about his brother was good start but since then he's been relegated to the backseat so Roy & Laurel can get shine. Here's thought: give Diggle a backstory that includes counterintelligence that way he can be the person who stakes places or run point on assaults. Roy & Diggle serve the same function, guys! Neither one of them can grow because they are in each other's way! Dude! Heck you might be able to keep Roy now but their roles are not clearly defined.Roy could watch their backs while working with Felicity following up on other leads or in the field.

Felicity's had a bit more to chew on since she's the apple of Ollie's eye, specifically this season but it's time to know more about her. "The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak" was a great start but now it's time for more. Online, myself & others have said that making her dad the Calculator could add tension to Team Arrow's lives or possible making her a villain could add more angst to the Olicity factor. Last night's episode got one thing right: she thought that she knew Oliver but she doesn't & that he loves his mission more than he could ever love her. Unless she got darker somehow

Get Queen Consolidated Back

The way he lost the company last year was plausible & believable. How he lost it this year was a plot device to get Ray Palmer into the mix. They are still working through it but next year, the end of this season, he needs to get it back. Why? Because how in the heck can he keep getting access to top of the line equipment to keep his crusade alive & have no source of income?!?!? Unless he did a heckuva job saving specifically for crime fighting, this makes no sense. This would allow him to upgrade his arsenal, more trick arrows and other projectiles. Allow him a true cover because he really doesn't have one.

Originality is a must

The one thing that peeved me last night was the straight up theft of the plot line from "The Dark Knight Rises". Lazy, pure & simple. We all know that DC has already admitted that Green Arrow is a Batman knock off but this is just too much. The writers/producers are not working, they are grabbing low hanging fruit. Keep away from Batman's villains, specifically those that involve The League of Assassins. Ra's Ah Ghul is out of Arrow's league. There is no way that he could EVER be able to beat him, no matter who his trainer is. Either use Green Arrow specific villains or other power hungry titans like Vandal Savage or Bruno Mannheim or organizations like The H.I.V.E, or Intergang. Better yet create NEW antagonists like they did with allies like Felicity & Diggle. Bottomline: Stay away from The Bat!

Allow Oliver Queen to exist outside of Team Arrow

This is the most tricky of all of my previous points/changes/observations. Where does Ollie end and The Arrow begin? Is Ollie his 'mask', his public face. Or is the domino his real face. We don't know & neither does he. We see it with the Olicity dynamic. He wants love, he wants to love Felicity but is his desire to fight crime more than his desire for a normal life. It's easy to see that he does not lead a "normal" life. His life needs someone who understands his desire to fight injustice. Felicity, as great as a character as she is, she does not get it. She never will. I get that. She is not his match in that regard. Sara was. They killed her off because she was The Canary but wasn't supposed to be. She got Oliver. She understood him, what drove him. The writers are now trying to backtrack and make Laurel into Sara. She is not. That ship has sailed & sunk. They need to let it go. In reality, the writers should have kept Huntress or someone like her as his on/off crime fighting squeeze (a'la Catwoman or Black Cat) & gave everything they gave Sara to her.

Agree with me or disagree me? I don't care. I just want MY "Arrow" back.

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