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From auditioning for the same YA films to both starring in Snow White adaptations, Love, Rosie stars Sam Claflin and Lily Collins found chemistry sandwiched between plenty of awkward moments... the bathroom scene...

Two star-crossed young Hollywood stars in the making, seeking roles in Hollywood's BIGGEST upcoming YA films, only both to be cast in the film the other was not. Sam Claflin (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) and Lily Collins (The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones) finally met each-other in a very different book adaptation; Love, Rosie. The book, written by the Cecelia Ahorn who also penned P.S. I Love You, is no green-screen blockbuster. It's a lengthy romance similar to When Harry Met Sally spanning 10 years, a baby, and many very awkward situations.

"For 3-4 years we were supposed to meet many times and even auditioned for each other's movies. On this film, our director had us sit in front of each other's face and analyze facial features, it was so weird." Lily laughs at the thought during the Love, Rosie press day. "After that we had the history, just this awkward moment that we shared, and we just clicked."

Hunger Games star Sam Claflin agreed,

"It was very intrusive, in a good way, it broke the ice! It was easy, you know like when you met your best friend for the first time and there was never any trying, you just sort of work. The fact that we had been in similar experiences, both shooting a Snow White movie at the same time, and doing big young adult movies, both of us were ready to put in our heart and soul. It’s also the fact that we both saw this as a very special project. There wasn't a chemistry, it was just life!"

In the film, we follow Rosie (Collins) and Alex (Claflin) as the line between lover and friend begins to blur at the absolute worst time. The film takes the actors on a 10-year-long journey, requiring 25-year-old Lily Collins to age up to 30 and become a mother, both being experiences that she has yet to have,

"I didn't really think about the fact that I hadn't experienced the kind of love Rosie felt, but I know there are many different types of love. The love of a friend for another friend or siblings, that’s the kind of love I channeled. Maybe it wasn't the same Rosie felt, but love is a universal emotion you can relate to."

Then of course there is that scene. Sex scenes are never really comfortable, but it's the post-sex scene that takes the cake in Love, Rosie where a certain something gets misplaced on Rosie's not-going-as-planned prom night,

"When I read those scenes I was laughing hysterically, I've never seen someone do this, and I wanted to be that person, weirdly enough. They almost cut the scene of me in the bathroom with the mirror, and I thought, I went through that to film it, you can’t cut it, that would just be a disservice!"

and Lily is right, you just have to see it for yourself.

When asked if they've ever had a 'friend' that they wished was something more, both agreed it's always a possibility, but was never an issue for them,

"I don't really have a best friend, I have groups of friends, some male some female, it just depends on the moment, a friendship to me is very different than a romantic relationship."

Sam is happily married to actress Laura Haddock, his best friend. Lily, though, leaves the door open,

"You hope that the person you are romantically involved with becomes a best friend. There are so many times that different types of love can get confusing, you can have love for someone but not be in love with them. I've always been a guys girl though."

Love, Rosie hits theaters and ON DEMAND in the U.S. this Friday, February 6th.


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