ByPedro Santasmarinas, writer at
Pedro Santasmarinas

It's amazing how we assist to the birth of a new gender and don't even realize.

With all those adaptations through the past few years (and not only Super-Heroes) we start to see comics as a new cinematographic gender.

I mean... can this be really happening?
Can we assume that from the moment kids start asking to go watch the next most recent "comic book" feature that a new cinematic gender is here?
And as I've said before it's not only Super-Heroes... from "Scott Pilgrim Versus The World" to "Blue is the Warmest Color" there are every year , an increasingly large percentage of adaptations of comic books adaptations to the big screen.

But how are all this comic books adaptations supposed to affect us? How are comic books supposed to affect us?

I think that this Portuguese short film reflects about this matters...

"Banda Desenhada" / "Comic Books" short film


What do you think?


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