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It seems Lou has deleted his Twitter account! Looks like we'll just have to wait some more.

Lou, a movie theater worker, tweeted this:

How it works out:

So basically, the file (Batman v Superman teaser trailer) cannot be opened until a certain time.

He claims he's not trying to troll us and further explains:

Basically, read that above tweet. So, I think we all know the big question...

When and where will the Batman v Superman teaser trailer be released?

And that has been the burning question these last few months - as well as the burning rumor!

"My sources tell me it will come with The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies!"

That was most likely a guess because a Man of Steel trailer was attached with the first Hobbit movie. We know what happened with that... and now the rumor for the past month has been that it is attached to none other than Jupiter Ascending.

Wait! That was just another guess...but is it far off?

We do not actually know if the teaser trailer will be attached with Jupiter Ascending. No wait, it does match with a reliable rumor!

About the Batman v Superman trailer:

This guy knew about the Fantastic Four trailer, Star Wars, Avengers, etc.

Don't count on it...

...and definitely do not blame me if the trailer doesn't come tomorrow. I am just passing the news. If you just want to see Jupiter Ascending for the teaser trailer - do not do it. Just wait, it will be online in no time.

Will there be two versions of the trailer?

So here is my theory:

Just like the first Man of Steel teaser trailer, there could be two versions: one with Henry Cavill doing a Superman voice over and one with Ben Affleck doing a Batman voice over.


Do you think there will be two versions of the Batman v Superman teaser trailer?

Now, for you,

Are you excited for the trailer? What do you think? Tell me in the comments!

Batman Batman Batman. Sigh.
Batman Batman Batman. Sigh.

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