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I don't know about you, but I like when the subject matter of a horror film involves something that almost everyone can relate to. Whether it's about high school, college life, a group of friends that gets caught up in a death trap, or in the case of [L.A. Slasher](movie:1118682) a social commentary about reality television stars and the very concept of undeserved fame.

In the case of this movie, we have a cast that can really hold their own. Check out the poster below, which just came out:

We've got a porn star (Tori Black), a professional troll (Andy Dick), a former wrestler turned [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) star (Dave Bautista), a former The OC star (Mischa Barton), and much much more. Talk about a cast that gets me truly riled up!

The trailer also doesn't disappoint:

This L.A. Slasher character has a serious vendetta against reality TV stars and who can really blame him? It seems like the movie will definitely make us stop and think about what we're consuming, who we're worshipping, and how to go about our lives without falling victim to cheering on people who have no skill or merit but still have fame... and, watching their inevitable collapse.

And I'm sure a lot of these stars will die, which is pretty fun too!


Does this movie look good?

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