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There are scenes in films that never leave you. I'm not talking about when Jack let go or when Scarlet stood upon that hill, I'm talking When Harry Met Sally in the diner. I'm talking when 18 year old Rosie (Lily Collins) loses a very.......important item on what was supposed to be the prom night of her dreams, and goes searching for it. Yes, that happens. This is what makes Love, Rosie a romance-comedy for the millennials. A generation that can openly relate to such scenarios, remembering the mistakes they made knowing one day, they would look back and laugh. Starring The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Sam Claflin and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Lily Collins, this coming of age story explores the complicated boy-girl friendships that confuse the line between lover and friend in a way the audience will most assuredly understand. In fact, I left the film thinking, who's my true flove (the term I coined for being in love with a friend). Did any of my past relationships end simply due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Is there ever a right time? Is MY friend in love with ME, or vice versa?

Love, Rosie, based off of a novel by P.S I Love You author Cecelia Ahorn, introduces us to besties Alex and Rosie at 18 years old in Great Britain. They are planning to head to the U.S. for college soon, struggling with the fact that they don't want to be apart, but aren't sure why. They each spend their senior Prom with the date of their dreams, but a little mishap with her date leads Rosie down a separate path from her beloved boy that's a 'friend', as she is unwilling to reveal to him that she is, in fact, pregnant. Bummer. You can see in her eyes that it was Alex that she one day hoped would be the father of her children, not this minute man she only dated because Alex was dating someone too. Over the years, they video chat and text to keep in touch, modern day letters of how life is going and has been. Eventually at different points, they write to express how they feel about each-other, but it's always at the wrong time. There we are sent down a spiral of events to keep them a part, we all know best love never happens when you want it to.

Impressively, 25 year old Lily Collins manages to believably age to a 30 year old Rosie throughout the passing 10 years of the film. She becomes a mother, a wife, has a minimum wage job, all things Lily hasn't quite experienced yet in real life. Collins is realistic and graceful, her scenes occupy most of the film, and watching Rosie see her baby girl the first time, you would never guess Collins hadn't ever been there herself. Her co-star, Sam Claflin, isn't quite as soft as audiences are used to seeing him. We see a less witty side of the actor, but don't worry, he is by no means less charming. Claflin in real life, unlike Lily, is currently married and could relate to some of the emotions Alex experiences navigating falling in love and being afraid. When Alex finds out Rosie has a baby, thanks to a former girlfriend, he is angry. Claflin takes the road less traveled and brings layers to Alex in spaces where many actors would not have found room. Their chemistry and friendship is undeniable, basically they are on FIRE, and it's hard to imagine them apart.

All in all, we all have been in that place, where love happened at the wrong time, or we had feelings for a friend we never knew felt the same. As a millennial myself, I found Love, Rosie to be EXTREMELY relative to my life, and I believe audiences will feel the same. It's a feel good love-fest that will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you text that person who probably has their hand on their phone trying to find the courage to press send to you too. Whether going with your true love, your friend, your 'flove', or for a little 'me' time this Valentine's Day, Love, Rosie will speak to your heart and, maybe, even open your eyes.

Love, Rosie is in theaters and ON DEMAND now!


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