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Lego has gone where no brick has gone before...

Known for their viral Lego trailers for Iron Man and Star Trek Into Darkness to name a few, stop-motion animators Antonio and Andrea Toscano are back and with their best work yet. Albeit their wackiest. The creative duo has spoofed the recent 50 Shades of Grey trailer, giving Lego a new risque makeover.

In this hilariously awkward remake, we see everything that the real trailer contains. From Lego Mr Grey's 'playroom', to the original meeting between him and Anatasia Steele. Check it out below!

The Lego trailer is nearly frame for frame accurate, and holds a striking resemblance to the original, seen below.

Check out the rest of the talented duos work on their YouTube page. The real 50 Shades of Grey hits cinemas Feb. 13.


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