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Now while we all wanted Seth Rogen to play the Beast opposite of Emma Watson , but it seems like there is a more obvious actor in the mix. Now these two are probably THE MOST OBVIOUS casting pair in history. So now that the most obvious Belle has been cast, it is time for Ryan Gosling to be the most obvious actor to play the Beast.

So remember this is not yet confirmed, he has been offered the role and now that he's left [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363) it's not like he's busy... I think that he almost the best pick for the role, to be more exact he is my third pick for who should lpay the character right behind Seth Rogen at number #1 and Ron Pearlman at #2. So if neither of those two actors are available then sure get Ryan Gosling.

In all honesty I do not even know if I'm going to see this movie but I would in a heartbeat and I do not care if it sucks if Seth Rogen plays the beast I will go see it 5 times. So what do you think about this possible casting? comment down below! Who would you cast in [Beauty and the Beast](movie:362071)? And the obvious answer question is...


Who Should play The Beast


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