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I recently saw The Voices, the new film starring Ryan Reynolds, Gemma Arterton and Anna Kendrick. It stars Reynolds as a mentally ill man named Jerry Hickfang. Jerry has a very childish view of the world. Due to him not taking the pills he was prescribed, he believes that he can talk to animals; mainly his cat and his dog.

This movie is one of the greatest movies I've seen this year! It perfectly blends thriller and comedy into a genre that's kind of hard to pull off. And though it has its faults, this movie does a pretty good job pulling off the difficult genre blend and not coming off as some parody. It's just a horror film with comedic undertones and I love it!

In fact, the film has converted me to the "Ryan as Deadpool" fan club! Yep, that's right. Before this film, I was a little against Ryan Reynolds as the 'Merc With A Mouth.' Not because of his acting or anything, I've always known that Ryan Reynolds is a great actor. But the fact that I've only seen him play Deadpool for like 10 minutes and those 10 minutes were in one of the worst superhero films I've ever seen is probably why I was against it. Then there's his run as Green Lantern.

But I don't entirely blame him for that, he tried to save the bridge, but it was already burnt down. Anyway, The Voices has definitely got me pumped for the upcoming Deadpool film starring Ryan Reynolds and here are the reasons why!

1. The Voices in His Head!

The reason it's called The Voices is because Jerry hears...voices. Mainly from animals and disembodied heads. The two voices he hears the most are the ones he imagines coming from his cat and dog. His cat, a rude and abrasive fellow, tells him to kill people because it's fun. While his dog tells him he's a good boy and that he shouldn't harm others, though when Jerry does he seems to just shrug it off. Obviously he can't really talk to animals, but to him those voices are real.

The same goes for Deadpool. Wade Wilson always hears voices in his head and even has long conversations with them! Sure he never really gives them bodies like Jerry does, but it's the same concept. One voice tells him to do bad things because it's fun. The other is completely okay with it, same as Jerry's dog. Unlike Jerry's dog however, he doesn't really tell him he's a good boy or try to get him to stop either, he just observes nonchalantly. One difference though, is that Jerry give his voices names, the names of his pets. This shows that he believes they are actual other people and not just him talking to himself. Deadpool seems to know that the voices in his head are just him talking to himself, to an extent. So he doesn't name them. He nevertheless treats them like real people who he has illogical conversations with.

2. Living The Fun Life!

Deadpool is a child at heart. The way he sees the world is very different from the way everyone else does; pancakes and chimichangas circle around his head all day like butterflies, making him a bit oblivious to just how psychotic he really is.

The only thing that keeps him from completely going into "la la land" are his close friends and his voices. Still doesn't stop him from causing mass destruction though.

Jerry is the same way. He lives in a world he's made in his head where nothing goes wrong and everything is peachy keen! His perfect world involves talking animals and beautiful angels. Of course, unlike Deadpool, he slowly comes to terms with reality once things go horribly awry.

He starts to doubt his sanity and begins to realize that the voices in his head are just that, figments of his imagination. He begins to wonder just how great his world is and if he's the hero, or the villain. Which leads me to the next reason.

3. Mixed Morality Issues

Deadpool isn't technically the bad guy; but at times, he's definitely A bad guy! Though he's classified as an anti-hero, there's nothing really heroic about him. I mean, he's a mercenary who accepts payment in money, greasy food and/or ladies! He's easily corrupted, like the time he killed the entire Marvel universe!

Sure, it was technically an alternate universe Deadpool, but neither the fans nor the characters would ever doubt that destroying an entire universe is something the real Wade would do.

Jerry is clearly not the good guy of his story, despite being the main character. It's clear that he is morally wrong, what with the serial killing thing and the mental health issues. So why do we feel ourselves rooting for Deadpool? And why do we feel ourselves feeling a little sorry for Jerry? Well, everyone has different reasons, but the fact that we care about these characters is a similarity that makes them great!

So the basic gist of this article? The Voices is a definite foreshadowing of what we can expect to see from Reynolds in Deadpool! Except with more action, katanas, fourth-wall-breaking and chimichangas! But don't go in there expecting it to be some sort of unofficial Deadpool prequel.

The film is amazing! A funny/thrilling film that deserves its own credentials and is sure to spark a cult following!

The Voices is out today! Go check it out and tell me how you liked it!


Do you think Reynolds will make a good Deadpool?


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