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"Bellamy is the key to everything."

Like my heart.

For real, though, this episode put my heart through the wringer. It's no coincidence that Bellamy was also put through the wringer, because we are just THAT connected. I bought a lot of comfort food for this episode because I just assumed that a good portion of it would be Bellamy hanging from a machine that drains all of his blood. I was, thankfully, so very wrong. Not that the opening scenes weren't difficult to sit through. Oh, they were. I'm just glad that the plot moved quickly and Bellamy escaped from captivity a little early on. Once that happened, the story began to unfold into what is now my favorite episode of the entire series.

Bellamy's first shower on Earth is rather unpleasant. Look, torture (and this really seems to be a form of torture) is never beautiful. This opening sequence, though, is beautiful. The content is brutal but the cinematography is so pretty. What are you trying to make me feel, show?!

The Mountain Men clean the new harvest recruits and Bellamy wakes up in a cage next to a Grounder. He begins to rattle his cage and the Grounder advises him to stop because the Mountain Men will take the strong first. Bellamy says that he can't understand her because he doesn't speak Grounder and she instantly questions if he is a Sky Person. Then she spits in is face. Okay, girl. Bellamy, rather dumbly, states that she must not have heard that they are not enemies anymore. Maybe next time someone will think to send her a text, Bell.

Clarke is riding a horse from TonDC back to Camp Jaha. As she and her companions stop for a short break, two Mountain Men snipers hide out on a hill. Uh oh. Clarke tells Abby that she just wants to get home and it kind of makes me sad that Clarke refers to Camp Jaha as "home." I don't know why. I think I just miss the familial atmosphere over at the drop ship.

Anyway, before the two MM Snipers can target Clarke, one is hit with an arrow. He simultaneously fires his guns and a bullet hits one of the Grounders traveling with Clarke. Turns out, the arrow is courtesy of Indra and her new second, Octavia! Indra wants Octavia to take the kill but Clarke stops them because the man is more use to them alive.

Back in Mount Weather, Bellamy is having a grand time. Two guards enter the chamber to take someone for a new harvest and they settle on Bellamy's Grounder neighbor. The one who spit in his face. But what does Bellamy do? He makes a ruckus so they'll take him instead. He saves the girl, WHO SPIT IN HIS FACE, from harm and have I ever told you how much I love Bellamy Blake? He's a gem. He tries to put up a fight but he's no match for a giant taser stick. He has some serious gumption though. These Blake kids don't know when to give up. I love it.

Bellamy ends up being turned upside down and hooked to the machine that drains his blood. On the other side of the machine is a Mountainite in need of a blood transfusion to help with radiation exposure. Maya is in the room snooping around when she and a guard notice that the treatment is finished way before it should be. The results are fantastic. Basically, Bellamy has perfect blood. Of course he does.

The guard, Lovejoy, leaves to report the news but Maya is curious. She sneaks into the harvest chamber and stabs Bellamy with some sort of adrenaline pen to wake him up. Then they have a nice chat while he swings upside down. Maya asks if he knows Jasper and Bellamy surprises her when he replies that he knows that she is Maya. Then he politely asks that she let him down. It's cute. She begins to unhook him but Lovejoy walks in and instantly corners her. She spins a story and announces that Bellamy is dead. Luckily, she had already disconnected him from the heart rate monitor so it really did look as if he were dead.

When Lovejoy brings Bellamy to the ground, Bellamy surprises him with a kick to the chest and the fight that ensues is so scary. Maya has a gun but can't shoot it because someone will hear. Bellamy is at risk of getting stabbed but Grounder girl saves the day by grabbing Lovejoy's hand and restraining him. This allows Bellamy to basically choke the man to death and it's really depressing. It definitely looks as if it takes a toll on Bellamy but there was really no other way to get out of this. Lovejoy was ready to kill him. Bellamy thanks the Grounder girl and makes sure that a visibly shaken Maya is okay. Bellamy is on fire this episode. I have never been more certain that he is my favorite character on this show. Maybe on any show. Ah!

Jasper succeeds in being less annoying than normal this episode by confronting President Dante about Monty and Harper. I get that he really thought of Mount Weather as a place of security and a happy future. As a viewer, we knew that it wasn't any of that so it was frustrating every time Jasper spoke against Clarke…or Harper..or Monty. Speaking of Monty, it's the disappearance of his best friend and the knowledge of the harvest chamber that encourages Jasper to pull a sword on Dante. Dante genuinely knows nothing of Monty and Harper's disappearance but tells Jasper that they will find his friends together. It's all cute and grandfatherly until Dante flips a switch and somehow steals the sword and pulls it on Jasper! WHAT. How is he THAT fast? He doesn't intend to harm Jasper, though. He just wants him to know that the sword is not a toy. Haha. That's sweet. Dante is definitely more of a good guy that I ever originally thought he would be. Which probably means he will die.

Dante and Jasper find Doctor Tsing in a second harvest chamber about to extract MORE bone marrow from Harper. He demands that they stop and release the kids. He puts Tsing in custody. She says that it is their birthright to be on the ground and she will do anything to get there. Her methods for this are horrid but I get her desire to finally be above ground. The problem, though, is what the heck do the Weatherites think they are going to do once they are above ground? They have spent YEARS murdering HUNDREDS of Grounders in order live in the SAME place that all of the other Grounders live. Are they expecting a welcome party? Maybe they just assume that their Reapers will take care of things but, seriously, this plan seems very flawed.

Quick note: Jasper and Monty's reunion hug reduced me to tears. Oddly, this was the first moment where I whipped out my pint of ice-cream. I thought I would already be drowning in tears over Bellamy but, alas, he's off being all kinds of awesome now.

Bellamy slips into Lovejoy's guard outfit and he looks like a boy scout. It's my new favorite thing. Especially that hat. Whoever approved this outfit deserves a giant hug. He tells Maya that she has done enough and if she wants out she can definitely go. Maya's apparently thinking of Jasper (or probably how adorable Bellamy is as a boy scout) and decides that she needs to help the Arkers trapped in Mount Weather. Their trip through the compound is very tense. On an elevator, a sweet man talks to Maya about art class while Bellamy tries his best to go unnoticed. When they try to get off, though, the man notices blood on Bellamy's shirt and points it out. Maya, very quick on her feet this episode, claims that they have a containment breach and she wisks Bellamy back into the elevator and shoos the art lover away. That was close.

Of course Mount Weather has a preschool. Of course this changes everything the Arkers and Grounders originally thought to do when planning a war against Mount Weather. I don't know why I never thought about the fact that children exist in Mount Weather. Seeing their preschool class, though, made it so real. It made it real for Bellamy too. One little boy stops him and asks if he is training to be a ground guard. Bellamy just nods and says that it's pretty cool up there. The kid's face lights up as he exclaims that his dad is training to be a ground guard too. It's all cute until the kid walks by and Bellamy reads the name "Lovejoy" on the back of the child's backpack.

This is such a soap opera-y moment but it totally works. It was probably enough to just have Bellamy interact with a child but they made it so the child was the offspring of the man Bellamy had to kill not 20 minutes before. If it were anyone else, I probably would have cringed at the forced moment. Bellamy has more experience with kids than most. He was forced to raise his sister when he was basically still a child. So, he knows how precious and innocent that they are. It's also a natural instinct of his to protect. The realization on his face (stop it, Bob Morley) that he took a parent from an innocent child is heartbreaking. I can tell then that Bellamy knows they have to modify their plans. Mount Weather is bigger than just the few who choose to do horrendous things to other people groups. It includes families and preschools and probably old people who just want to enjoy what little bit of life they have left.

What I LOVE about this is that it puts into question ALL of my feelings toward Mount Weather. I hate them. I do. Up until now, though, we have only seen the "bad guys" or the ones that are bringing harm to the characters that we have been rooting for from the start. I just wanted Bellamy and Clarke to save their friends and then burn the place to the ground. In the beginning of this episode Bellamy says that after he escapes from his cage he is going to "kill everyone in the mountain." He means it, too. Until he doesn't. Until the show decided to humanize the Weatherites and show us adorable CHILDREN. I'm pretty sure Bellamy has a weak spot for kids. Viewers probably do too. You're about to throw us a whole lotta crazy aren't you, show writers?

President Dante knows that Doctor Tsing is only half of the problem so he goes to confront his son, Cage. I really do believe that Cage loves his father. I also believe that Cage loves the idea of living above the ground. Right now, the second is trumping the first. Cage realizes that his father's leadership is stalled. He isn't doing enough to get their people out of their compound. That is why he is going behind his father's back and agreeing to more extreme blood experimentation. He tries to get Dante to see this but Dante has proven to be a pretty upstanding guy (even though he did approve the original idea for draining blood from innocent Grounders all those years ago) and tells his son to stand down. Somehow, Cage is able to get their people on his side and he just takes over. Just like that. I guess the Weatherites do not adhere to any form of democracy. The United States' government structure did not inspire many people groups on this show.

Back at Camp Jaha, Clarke constantly questions if Bellamy has managed to make radio contact. After repeatedly being told no, Clarke gives up and decides that he must have failed. Raven, rather appropriately, calls her out for the BS and tells her that she does not get to just give up. Raven never gave up after Finn died. In fact, she's been working extra hard on communication outlets and other gadgets. Clarke doesn't know what else to do but before she can really freak out, BELLAMY MAKES CONTACT! It's a back and forth communication scene that's almost nothing like my favorite Desmond/Penny scene from LOST but I really want it to be Bellamy and Clarke's "you're my constant" moment. They obviously don't come close to saying anything as beautiful as that, but the relief on Clarke's face when she starts to talk to Bellamy is very telling. Don't try to fight it, girl.

Turns out, Bellamy and Maya fail to make contact with his friends trapped in Mount Weather because an alarm locks the kids in their dorm. I think Jasper spotted them before they left to call Clarke, but it wasn't very clear. Bellamy knows that they are all okay though and he tells this to Clarke and Raven. He also makes Clarke aware that there are children in Mount Weather. He demands that they come up with another plan that doesn't hurt everyone. I know they will try but I honestly think there is going to be some really tragic casualties when this war is all said and done. Clarke tells Bellamy that he needs to free the Grounders inside of the compound. It's their Trojan horse. Smarty pants Bellamy in his Boy Scout uniform. Somebody give the guy a badge!

Clarke tells Bellamy that she knew he could do it and I really just love them. Clarke only had to talk to Bellamy to get her confidence back and figure out the next step. While Bellamy is inside Mount Weather, she is going to keep all of the attention on her. That way, it gives him his best shot to go unnoticed.

In an AMAZING scene, Clarke walks into the Ark, flanked by Indra and Octavia, where they have been keeping the Mount Weather sniper they picked up at the beginning. The man refuses to talk and Abby and Kane are at odds over what to do with him. Clarke busts him out because homegirl is over all of the nonsense.

She then leads him outside to let him go. Abby is clearly appalled and demands that Clarke take him back. Clarke looks her mother dead in the eyes and says, "You may be Chancellor but I'm in charge." She proceeds to drop the mic as Kane beams with pride because he is now Clarke's biggest fangirl. Clarke is AWESOME. As Kane points out, the Grounders trust her and she is the only one securing their truce right now. I'm glad that Clarke is also finally gaining confidence in her leadership skills. Sure, she's a little cold hearted right now, but this will help save her friends in Mount Weather. Once that is done, we can get to helping Clarke remember that love is great and the world is wonderful. Or whatever.

Clarke basically dismisses Abby and turns to the sniper. She gives him a message to give to the Mount Weather leader. She knows that it is an 8-hr walk back to Mount Weather so she takes the mans oxygen and releases enough to only give him 6 hours. Holy hell, Clarke. Awesome. He says that if he dies he won't be able to give her message and she coldly responds that that is his problem now. I am very afraid of heights but if Clarke asked me to scale down a mountain to pick her a flower I am 98% positive I would say give me a rope right now.

The Mount Weather sniper begins his trek back and Octavia questions how this helps her brother. Clarke tells her that now Mount Weather will look to them and not Bellamy. She then says my favorite thing ever. Bellamy is the key to everything. Yeah, girl. You know he is. She follows that up with a "if he dies, we die" thing but whatever. No pressure, Bell!

I initially deemed this episode my favorite of the series rather selfishly. I love Bellamy and I love that he had SO much to do this episode. I love that he promised the Grounder girl that helped him that he would come back for her. I love that he didn't even flinch when Maya cut the tracker out of his arm. I love that he instantly regretted having to kill someone. I basically just love how much he has grown over the course of this show. It's so easy to love him.

The more I think about the episode the more I realize that it is my favorite of the series for far more than just Bellamy. It allowed some characters to really flourish, namely Maya. It set up the true "baddies" in Mount Weather (Cage..blerg). Most importantly, it developed yet another society into something that is more than just a one-dimensional enemy. I wanted to root against the Grounders, but now I want them to save their people alongside the Arkers. I wanted to root against the Weatherites, but now I want to help save all of their innocents. The heroes and villains on this show are never black and white. I hate some Arkers, some Grounders and some Weatherites. I love others. The ones I love, I don't always agree with because this show allows them to make mistakes. This show is never easy to watch but it is always fun and it always makes me think. It also makes me flail around a lot but that's another story.

Jaha, out.


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