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I'm just going to re-surface these for you all.

I came across Drachea Rannak's Facebook page a while ago and peeped these art pieces, along with a lot of commissioned drawings and other fabulous work.

When I was a kid I absolutely loved Sailor Moon - my hair would be in pigtails everyday! I also had a "cow-lick" in the middle of my forehead, which curled into a heart shape, due to the short straight cut bangs ... everyone use to say I resembled Sailor Moon and I adored it!

Anyone who has seen the show may remember the catchy theme song:

I haven't thought about this show in a long time and for some reason, as I was looking at my bangs in the mirror it popped into my mind!

Enough about me, here are the re-imagined characters below, enjoy!:

1. Elsa

2. Anna

3. Nala

4. Lilo

5. Gaston

6. Maleficent

7. Belle

8. Giselle

9. Mulan

10. Ariel

11. Vanellope

12. Merida

13. Pocahontas

14. Alice

15. Jasmine

16. Jessie

17. Tiana

18. Cinderella

19. Wendy

20. Esmeralda

21. Megara

There are a lot more here, please check it out!

Which one do you like most?


Your favorite?


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