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Just a couple months after it was announced Daniel Bruhl had been cast as a villain in "[Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409)", it was revealed that villain is none other than Baron Zemo.

So, what do we know about Captain America 3's Zemo? Well, for starters, there are actually two Baron Zemo's in the Marvel universe. The first, Baron Heinrich Zemo, made his debut in "The Avengers #4", as part of a flashback. The second, his son Baron Helmut Zemo, first appeared in "Captain America #168".

It's unclear which incarnation of Zemo Bruhl will be playing in Captain America 3, but we're thinking it'll be Helmut. Though he doesn't appear within the "Civil War" storyline, he is part of the following arc. After the events of "Civil War", Iron Man asked Zemo to start recruiting villains (something he'd already started doing), but Zemo decides to help Captain America instead.

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One of Helmut Zemo's distinguishing features is his badly disfigured face (which he earned prior to the events of "Civil War"). Following the accidental death of his father — for which he blamed Cap — Helmut sought revenge. During the ensuing battle, he fell into a boiling vat of Adhesive X, the extra-strength bonding material created by Heinrich.

Like his father before him, Helmut grew up supporting the idea of a Master Race ruling the world — something that obviously would put him in direct conflict with someone like Cap.


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