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How great is he?

Everyone knows (or should know) the Martian Manhunter. and if you do, then you are also probably running around your house screaming about how upset you are that Martian Manhunter has not been announced to be in the upcoming [Justice League Part One](movie:401267). And if you aren't yet, sitdown, think about your life for a long time, then read this. Or read this anyways.

So why should this "dumb alien" be in the movie? What is one of the biggest ways to get a LOT of fans to see a movie? NOSTALGIA. everyone between 18 and 12 grew up with this superhero serving important roles in the TV shows from the early-to-mid 2000s. DC could make SOOOOOOOOOOO much more money by adding in this one character.

Now, in case you do NOT know who the Martian Manhunter is, he is a martian (obviously) that came to earth to warn humans of another alien race that was coming to Earth. While he was doin this, he got taken in by the government, who had been doing tests on the alien. Superman and Batman found him and saved his life, and Manhunter joined the team to save Earth from these aliens. These aliens were also the beings that wiped out all the martions, except for him. On Earth he is called J'onn J'onzz (John Jones).

This alien has many powers that could help the Justice League defeat ANY foe. He can shapeshift, he can fly, he can go through walls and floors, he has Martian vision (which honestly i cant explain this one), and he can transform into a true martian, which is much taller and stronger than his other form (which is still incredibly strong). What superhero team would NOT want him on their team? And what director would not want him in their movie? Also, he is really nice and caring towards others!

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Should Martian Manhunter be in the upcoming JL movie?


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