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So this is a movie a lot of people hate which i find a little odd sure i mean it is not the best movie Johnny Depp has played in but i can sort of see why people don't like it but hate it.

Their are some things about this movie that i really don't like about it but their always be something about every movie you watch no matter what comes out noting is perfect.

I'm not a fan of how John Reid is really mean to Tonto through out the movie but i think i understand why he is after i watched the whole movie.

The runtime for this movie i think is okay 2h 29m i know some people didn't like that being to long but the way i see it is more for you buck.

The plot is simple & easy to follow so its not one of those movies that make you wonder what is going on.

The characters are good as they should be i think Johnny Depp was perfect for playing the role of Tonto.

Helena Bonham Carter is in this movie which i think the movie worth more of a watch.

I think this is one of those movies that is just passed by as crap but really its gold.

It really depends on how you look towards it you either love it or hate it.

Overall i did enjoy this film yes i will say their is some things about this movie that i really don't care for but overall it lives up & reaches out to me.

After seeing this movie has made me want the 12-inch figure of Tonto made by Hot-Toys.


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