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When you look at the types of films that have been eating up the box offices it becomes had to think that films could very well be on their way of becoming a lost art. With CGI being used and people opting for big budget productions, the true skill of filmmaking seems to be disappearing. Sadly this may rest more with the current audience that exists today. Everyone is always excited to see the new story of this character and that character that they have lost sight of what really goes into making a quality piece of film.

Un Chien Andalou is a surreal masterpiece that was made by the infamous Luis Bunuel. The silent movie has more moments that will leave you shocked that it makes any of the last line of horror films to come to look like a joke. While this is one of those films you will have to watch a few times and think extremely out of the box to understand, it is still a classic none the less. The cheeky dialog, over the top, and played out CGI that has become common lacks the same impact when you see certain acts carried out for real. While the film relies heavily on camera tricks and well thought out shots, there is a vast majority of items that are real. The infamous eye scene has a real cows eye being cut and the scene with the piano and donkeys is not faked as well. To make sure the film had a real feel he had the donkeys stuffed with dead fish.

Some of the acts that came out of these earlier films would be very difficult to make happen. There do exist many more regulations and guidelines than existed during the days of these earlier outlaw esq pictures. That doesn't mean that these more gritty are completely dead. Grindhouse has gained some popularity again but the time has come for either amatuer filmmakers to start going back to the roots of film and work on the ambition that existed back then.

For those of you who may have never seen this film before I have provided it for you to watch below. It is not a very long film but is still one of the most well thought out pictures that exists on a completely other level of film that what you will find with the string of reboots that are coming out.


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