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So this is a movie that i have not seen it the longest time but it still goes forward to being one of the best movies done by Tim Burton what can i say about this movie besides i love it.

The humor is perfect for the theme of this movie arouse Johnny Depp plays the role so well as Edward because he was born to play him.

The plot is simple & easy to understand so the movie should come to you with no problems.

The music from this movie is so amazing to listen to that is one of the things i love about this movie.

Winona ryder is another reason to watch this movie she is so beautiful & fits the role really good as Kim.

Their really isn't anything that i don't like about this movie everything just seems to make me happy when watching this movie.

The love story between Edward & Kim is wonderful because it is true love i really don't think that Kim didn't truly love Edward back at first sight if anything she was just to quick to judge him before she knew him.

Something funny when i first so the poster for this movie i thought it was a Horror movie boy was i sure wrong.

Overall i love this movie to death it is just so good & worth buying if your a fan of Tim Burton or Johnny Depp.

This version of the movie is the same just the slip cover is rare the only way you could pick it up was at Comic Con 2014 but you can still get it on Ebay for around $30-$50 bucks yeah its a little high but it is worth the price.

The artwork is really amazing it really shows that Edward is just a nice & sweet person.


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