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Yesterday the trailer for the reboot of Poltergeist was released, causing major fangasms for horror fans all over the world. And while most of the trailer is incredibly awesome, I want to list the top 5 moments that completely blew me away!

5. Opening Closet

From early on in the trailer, we can see that the movie won't be anything less than terrifying. Starting with closet doors slowly opening themselves, revealing only but pure darkness.

4. Almost Drilled

Another highlight from the new Poltergeist trailer when we got that incredibly intense and creepy moment from watching some guy get pulled back onto a wall before meeting eye to eye with a drill trying to infiltrate his skull. Also, it isn't just the drill we should be afraid of, but also whatever is on the other side of the wall causing all of this trouble.

3. Pulled Upstairs

Towards the end of the trailer is yet another moment worth mentioning. Which is when the young girl gets yanked upstairs. Now what's a better way to end a trailer? It does well at its job of making the viewer want to see the more of the movie. Where is she going? Who's doing this? What's going to happen to her? All things to think about while I'm safely tucked under my covers.

2. The Clown

This classic Poltergeist moment absolutely HAD to be high on this list. Like Jason getting his hockey mask for the first time or Michael Myers ripping into the closet doors, this whole scenario is already engraved into horror movie history forever. And I can't wait to see how the modern version plays out onscreen!

1. TV Hands

Finally, number one on my list is probably the most recognizable Poltergeist moment ever. And is also the very first image that pops into my head when someone mentions the movies. In the trailer though, they didn't stray to far from what it was in the original, but instead reassured even the most hardcore Poltergeist fans that this remake will NOT be a disappointment.

'Poltergeist' Will Be Released On July 24th, 2015!


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