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That is right folks! The original Power Rangers story is coming back to an all new generation of fans with a NEW major motion picture reboot!!

Coming out of Wizard World Madison's Opening Night Event, the surprising news right from Jason David Frank himself (The Green Power Ranger). The news being that of an all new Powers Rangers reboot movie! This bit of information quickly got the attention of the crowd and a subsequent round of applause from those attending the evening's event.

Jason David Frank - The Green Ranger
Jason David Frank - The Green Ranger

The question was asked by a fan for the LIVE radio interview broadcast from Madison's 97 WKLO radio. The question being, 'will we ever see the original Power Rangers return?' Jason David Frank the longest running character of the original series and still the most active recurring actor to reprise his role as the Green Ranger. Quickly settled that question by letting people know the original actors themselves would not be coming back for a reunion. On the other hand Jason did lift all Ranger fan spirits by announcing that Lionsgate films is indeed working on a reboot for a Power Rangers film based on the original series!! Of course after that little tease, Jason quickly followed up by letting everyone know that was all he could talk about on that subject.

An all new movie does sound fantastic to nastolgic fans of the 90's series but without the original actors at least doing some cameos, I don't see it doing that well. On the other hand what do I really know about the Power Rangers massive following itself! The last Power Rangers movie was released and well received with an astounding fanfare of even newer fans and the classics fans

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was a monster (pardon my pun) TV hit for adolescents in the 90's. The cast of teen heartthrobs with their high flying karate fight scenes were pretty cool for their time. Then things really turned up a notch when the group of unsuspecting teens are turning into mega fighting action heroes with their own costumes, weapons and GIGANTIC ROBOTS!! What was not to like? Oh that's right! The horrible acting and cheesiness factor. Even with all the faults, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ended being one of the biggest hits of the decade and spawning millions of fans worldwide even to this day!

Power Rangers original cast
Power Rangers original cast

Produced by Toei Company. The very first Power Rangers TV show, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, debuted on August 28, 1993 on Fox Kids during the 1990s. This it turn sky-rocketed the popular culture over Power Rangers merchandise and action figures produced by Bandai. As of today the world wide popularity of the TV series lasted 20 years in 17 different incarnations of the team. There has also been two theatrical films.


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