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Built on both historical and fictional tales of raiding, slaughtering, and conquering, this History channel show had made quite a few positive ripples in the rating pool, receiving a score of 8.6 stars out of ten overall on IMDb. Now, with the third season fast approaching this February, committed viewers are left wondering, "what will happen next?"


Season two left off on a fairly brutal note with the slaughtering of King Horik at Ragnar's merciless blade. Horik was dispatched with one of the most awe-inspiring and gruesome torture-kill techniques of the time, called the blood eagle. Look it up, it's pretty crazy!

But other than that, some things seem somewhat up in the air. It appears that Bjorn, Ragnar's son, has found himself a love interest; and there's a possible hint of a spark between Ragnar and his previous wife, Bjorn's mother, shieldmaiden Lagertha, who has made herself the Earl over her late husband's land. Aslaug's prophecy of her new baby being born "a monster" comes true. I'm hoping she'll leave soon, I don't particularly like her.

And now there's a new player in the game, King Ecbert, who I personally fear may be the demise of King Ragnar! But the real question here is what is going on with Athelstan? He was left behind with King Ecbert and seems to be battling some inner demons. He is questioning both faiths of which he has been a part, and it seems he is uncertain of where his loyalties lie. Granted, he's in a pretty tough situation, being pitted against his friend by Ecbert. Still, I can't help but think that maybe he has some super intelligent scheme going on in that big mind of his.

When asked about where the network was going to be taking this next season of [Vikings](series:832606), Michael Hirst (the creator of the show) hinted at several different directions the plot might take; but he made one thing very clear, Paris is definitely in Ragnar's sights, and he's locked and loaded to raid! Since then, History channel has released a few ultra-enticing teaser-trailers for the new season, all of which are filled with hidden meanings and suggestions of foreshadowing. Check out the first trailer, released at Comic Con 2014, below.

I think the only thing viewers should expect this season is nothing less than a huge dose of awesomeness; anticipate plenty of unexpected twists and turns, as well as more than a few deaths and changes of heart. I don't know about you, but I'm hoping for plenty of gore and steamy moments between Ragnar and Lagertha... And hopefully plenty of Alexander Ludwig, because come on, how hot is that!



Do you think there will be a fourth season of History Channel's Vikings?


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