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Last week, we were overjoyed to hear that wonder woman Emma Watson has been cast to reprise the role of Belle in Bill Condon's live-action Beauty and the Beast remake. Naturally, now it's time for the next step: Who is going to be cast as The Beast?

For a few days now, rumors have been circulating that Ryan Gosling may be in the running to play the tragically cursed prince. And now, it's pretty much certain that the actor is indeed Disney's first choice! Isn't that fantastic!?

Now, all we have to do is sit tight and hope that he accepts the offer!

Is Ryan Gosling the right choice?


He's come a long way in the Hollywood business and has dabbled in some of the most popular genres of the film world. From reenacting an epic love story in the The Notebook, to wooing the ladies in Crazy Stupid Love, to revving those motors in Drive, and smuggling drugs in Bangkok's underworld in Only God Forgives, he's proven that he is definitely one of the most multi-faceted actors out there.

Now, the next step to Gosling world domination lies in opportunities to dabble in genres and projects even further out of his comfort zone and naturally, Disney provides the perfect platform.

And in case you were wondering whether he can sing, he already proved in Blue Valentine that his voice is more than good enough to belt out classics such as 'Something There' when the time comes:

All in all, the idea of Gosling and Watson starring in the remake together is fantastic. They are both some of the most beautiful people to grace our screens and the star combination would just be irresistible!

What else do we know about the movie?

It's already been announced that the live-action remake will attempt to remain as true to the 1991 animated classic as possible. So folks, expect numerous reprisals of our favorite songs from the original feature.

We also know that production is only set to begin later this year, so don't expect ample opportunities to feast your eyes on any film stills just yet!

So, in the meantime, all there's left to do is to re-watch the original trailer:

Just imagine what it will be like to see Watson and Gosling swing hand in hand in that magical 'Tale As Old As Time' final dance sequence!

Do you guys think Disney can transform the Hollywood hunk into a 'beast?' I want to hear what YOU have to say!


Should Gosling go into 'Beast-Mode?'



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