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I've always been fascinated with the voice casting process for animated movies, especially when the talent behind the microphones turn out to look startlingly like their cartoon counterparts!

Do studios look to cast voice actors with a character's aesthetic already in mind, or do the actors themselves come to influence their on screen representations after they're hired? I expect the answer is a little of both.

In any case, whether by pure coincidence or not, some of the most recognizable animated characters in cinema seem to have been heavily inspired by the people who brought them to life with their voices! Check it out...

1. Simba / Jonathan Taylor Thomas (The Lion King)

Okay, so Jonathan Thomas doesn't exactly have a mane on him, but his basic facial features and golden blonde hair are rather Simba-like!

2. Scar / Jeremy Irons (The Lion King)

Irons' thin face and menacing jaw-line must have inspired the animators behind bad-boy Scar. Now check out the two together in one of the most iconic Disney scenes of all time. Tissues at the ready, guys.

I think I need a moment...

3. Genie / Robin Williams (Aladdin)

The fun-loving energetic Genie shares Williams' appearance and good nature alike. R.I.P. sir.

4. Ralph / John C. Reilly (Wreck it Ralph)

Luckily, John C. Reilly isn't carrying around half as much weight as Ralph, but his cheeky smile and unkempt hair have been replicated!

5. Carl / Ed Asner (Up)

Now we know where those bushy eyebrows came from!

6. Melman / David Schwimmer (Madagascar)

Quite how the animators were able to make Ross from Friends look like a giraffe, I don't know - but the resemblance is weirdly uncanny, especially in motion.


Who looks most like their animated counterpart?

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